Message on Ammo Shortage

Interesting! I would love to tour that factory to see how they mass produce this stuff. Dan
Ok, dosent it worry any body else that Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington all fall undert the same corporate umbrella????!!!! CL
CL I believe that you are spot on...Think of the anti gun mega billionaires, who shall remain unnamed, out there who could purchase a controlling interest in this mega corporation affecting our sport and control/destroy our sport. The production could be redirected to some noncontroversial product (not-gun related) line thereby preserving the income stream for the owners while further harming us shooters.

Do not forget that the EPA, (Big Brother) made environmental regulations so stringent and cost prohibitive that the last lead smelter in the USA chose to close down. Lead now is recycled or imported thus adding to the cost of lead products.

GOD BLESS AMERICA... I believe we are in a world of hurt. Rol