Monster moose

Wow, now that is awesome. Congrats to that hunter. No ground shrinkage there.
Very Nice Bull make sure you get officially measured and entered in Safarland and BC

A trophy of a lifetime.......:)
Man oh man that is a true Monarch. I look forward to seeing it in the B&C write up :wink:.
Congratulations to the successful hunter & thank you for photos!!

TackDriver284":ib2434gf said:
That is a beast.

"weighing over 115 pounds"

Was it on a strict diet? :mrgreen:

The antlers and skull wieghed over 115 pounds

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I’m guessing between 1400-1500 pounds, but hard to guess from a picture, it was definitely in the heavier side of average. Biggest moose on record was over 1800 pounds

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Trophy of a lifetime.

I would not feel burdened with my pack with that 115lb load.

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I can’t stop coming back to this thread and looking at that moose. Wow is really all I can say. Such a magnificent animal!

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1800lbs Moose that is enormous :shock:. You would likely get 800 to 900 lbs of meat :eek: that would sure feed a family or 2 (y).
Thanks again for the post :mrgreen:.