Mossberg S320 front sight


Dec 29, 2018
Hey all been awhile. I'm searching for a Mossberg S320 front sight. I received my grandfathers western auto Revalation 107 22WMR. It's the first rifle I ever shot and I am probably the last one that shot it some 40 years ago. It's been in my Mom and Dad's closet in a soft case for all those years. The original scope broke and my dad put a Tasco sight on it. I remember shooting it with the Tasco but being so young it was already under my arm for the 13 3/4 length of pull. I put a vortex scout scope on it and it seems to work just fine. I came across a mosberg S330 peep sight which it is already drilled and tapped for as it is already ready for a S320 front sight but can't find one. Anyone have one laying around collecting dust and are willing to sell it?
A quick look at Numerich didnt show your model # but there may be other models that used similar sights. Numeruich lists a model 321. Sight parts listed here under "NI" (not illustrated) show a front sight but it is out or stock.

I did some work on a friends 51M a while back, which also had an option for an aperture rear sight. He wanted a scope so I didn't worry about the front sight, but here is a link to one. Some of those old Mossys may have used the same barrel diameters. If you haven't already looked, rummaging around on the Numrich site might find you somthing. Good luck! CL