Mossberg SA-20 International All Purpose Field 20ga


Nov 5, 2015
Anyone have and using one of these shotguns? Like the looks of the walnut stocked one and it comes with 5 choke tubes. Dan.
Well I bought one and patterned it then shot 2 rounds of skeet Saturday. Fits me well. I'm 6'04'' handled quick and the recoil from a light gun was not bad. Was using 7/8 oz loads. It is gas operated so that's a plus. Hadn't owned a semi auto shotgun for sometime so this one will take care of all my needs. Dan.
My wife has been shooting the compact SA-20 for a few years now. Hers has the synthetic furniture on it. It’s been a solid gun for her. It doesn’t like to cycle Winchester 100 pack Walmart ammo and the stock nit came loose during a round of sporting clays. Other than that it has been great.

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Just an update here. I have now shot several rounds of skeet with this gun, factory as well as reloads. Took it squirrel hunting couple of times and have only had 1 stovepipe while using a 1 oz load while hunting. It handles well and suits me fine. Dan.
I bought a SA-28 last year because my buddy belongs to a duck club that only allows 20ga and 28ga guns. It took a bit to get Bismuth shells and by the time I got the shells we never had a chance at a 28gs blind. I did hone the trigger hook and got the pull weight down to 3.5lbs and super smooth. The trigger in mine was pretty gritty.
Put a Carlson tube in it and patterned with Winchester Long Beard #6. Real decent pattern at 40yds so should be good to turkey hunt with . Dan.