MPBR off the top of the bottom post?


Jan 31, 2021
Do any of you do this with a duplex reticle? And if you do, can one get overlap between the MPBR of the crosshairs and the MPBR off the top of the bottom post? Is your distance in the small wires close enough or your rifle shooting fast enough for overlap?

Context: I have never shot a deer over 125 yards. I use a Leupold fixed 4x on my longtime 7mm-08. I don't dial for drop or parallax, I just never have time for such. This past year I have been working with a Burris Ballistic Plex reticle and getting the drop just right on a 7mmRM. If I switch to an older scope which as a standard duplex reticle I can get my MPBR (+/-3") to over 300 yards with 175g Partitions. If I then set MPBR up off the top of the bottom post I can add another 100 yards and still be +/-3". That's what the math is telling me (I plan to corroborate at the range soon). I might prefer to use a plain duplex reticle to keep things simple. I have googled a bit to find some direction in this but didn't find anything.

Any thoughts on my thinking? What am I missing? Thanks in advance.



Sep 25, 2005
If you zero your 2850 fps 175gr 7mm rem mag at 300 yards you will be +5" - 5" to 350 yards. A good Elk hunting PBR 2900fps changes it to +4.5" -4.5" How the dots line up beyond 350 yards takes shooting at the range