My 30-06 at the Smith


Dec 3, 2013
My 30-06 is a Rem 700 BDL, I've had for a long time. About 6-yrs. ago I had it re-blued in a flat black no glare type bluing as it was showing its age. I was able to get a take off REM 700 BDL 7MM stock off the classifieds on this site about 4-yrs ago.
I just swapped out the stocks and made due with it, till now. The Smith is changing the REM hard rubber recoil pad to a Decelerator Pad, Glassing the action, floating the barrel and installing pillars.

Anxious to get her back and head to the range. 8)

I have no doubt you will be pleased with the changes you describe. The Declerator is a fine pad. And proper bedding with appropriate pillars while freeing the barrel channel should be a positive move. How was it shooting before you took it in to the smith?
Dr Mike,
It was shooting kinda ok for whitetail deer hunting here in Tennessee. My 180 BT load was between 1" - 1-1/4"at 100 yds. The recoil pad was brutal but thought while it was at the Smith, why not get the other done too. I've been wanting to get this work done as it worked so well in my 300 RUM. Some of the POI with the load is likely me and/or the load. I didn't have the time last year prior to deer season to mess with the load anymore so I let it as is. I purchased the Forester Bench die rest set since then and loaded up some rounds to send down range when the gun becomes available. Hopefully I will see some improvement. It still may require some seating depth adjustment till its all said and done.

I can’t see anything but it getting better from that treatment. Can’t wait to hear how it shoots for ya.
Just pick it up this morning from the smith. It looks good too!! Now to get to the range to send a few down there on paper. Will update later.

Sounds good to me, I believe that all of mine have had a similar treatment. I believe a good bedding job is one of the best investments one can make. Looking forward to the targets.
I'll bet you are very pleased. I may be a wuss but recoil pads are something I appreciate as I've grown older. A couple of friends have 30-06's w/o pads and they are real thumpers. When I bought my old 721 300 H&H years ago, the old pad was hard and cracked. I installed a Kick-eze pad from Brownells and have never noticed unpleasant recoil with that rifle. I have a Model 30 Remington 30-06 made on the old 1917 Enfield action and it has a steel butt plate. It's original so I didn't change it but it's from back in the 1920's.
I like the Pachmayer decelerator pad. It's excellent! Have one on my 375 H&H, and I think that contributes to my favorable impression of shooting that rifle.

Yes, you had good things done to your 30-06, no doubt. My 700 CDL's have both been pillar bedded & free floated. I think it helps.

Regards, Guy
I'm excited to think about getting to the range when it's possible. My work schedule keeps from getting there. I'm glad I thought to get the rifle in there, back in June, knowing how it gets crazy close to hunting season to get any Smith work done!

Guy, I couldn't agree more on the recoil pad especially when you jump up to the 180-200 bullets.

Ya, planning rifle work takes foresight!

A good gunsmith's services are often in high demand and it can take a long time to get some components, like a new barrel.

So, you did well. You've got the rifle back! Now it's up to you to sight it in and make it ready for hunting season! :)

Update on the Smith work on the 30-06.

After a long summer repairing A/C units I finally sweaked in some time to shoot the gun. Since the scope was taken off I used a laser bore sighter to align it close at 25 yards. Later took it to the range at 100 yards. Lets just say the 180 BT load I used last year didn't shoot good at all after two range trips. Being frustrated, I had to calm myself down, knowing I have limited range time due to the crazy work schedule picking up again and Deer Season opening soon. The Smith torqued the stock screws to only 30 inch lbs after a bedding/ pillar job. So upon checking the torque value setting I found it wasn't even at 30. I re-torqued them to 35 inch lbs where it was prior to the work done.

Due to time constraints I abandoned the 180 BT load and went back to the 165 BT load, one I know is a proven load with this gun, went to the range. Shot the gun right in. Will retry the 180 load later. For now I know the gun is on and this load will put a hurtin on the deer this season. :mrgreen:

Thanks Guy,
This load has been excellent in the past for me. I knew it would work out the last range trip. I just need to be careful with shot placement as is the case with anything we use out there.

This load is going like 2830 fps if memory serves me correctly. It doesn't lack anything in the killing department either :mrgreen:

If you ever want to mess with your load for 165gr bullets.
I have used Jack O'Conners load of 52grs of 4064 powder
now for around 40 years, in four different 06's and it groups great, and gives me the least amount of felt recoil
for best velocity. I see 2900fps out of my old 22"barreled
Model 70. Used Nosler Solid Base for years, when they came out with Balistic tips in the early 80's started using
them, both worked fine. Last ten years have been using SST bullets for Whitetail, with devistating results.
Just some food for thought, most likely some of the newer powders could achieve higher velocitys but the only
load I know about that will is Hornadys Superformance.
Here is a nice 30" Mulie taken with 52 gr of 4064. One shot at 285 yds.IMG_0008_zps11712c98.jpg
Good Luck
35 Whelen,
That's a good load you have there. I see it put the smack down on that nice buck and at 285 yards, it's a winner!! I may give that powder a try this spring when I get back to the range.

Guy Miner":28p89ql9 said:
A good gunsmith's services are often in high demand and it can take a long time to get some components, like a new barrel.


For instance,, Manners stock,,, 6 month wait. Still waiting on mine. A month ago they said be done in 2 weeks.