My 700 Classic .270 back in service!


Aug 19, 2012
Got my .270 back from the smith. Finally got to the underground range. After getting the scope sorted out, I shot some "accuracy loads", some Sierra 100s, Nosler 130PT and 130 Hornady and they all went into the same group ( 2" or so) which was a good sign! My rifle has a long throat, so I seated the 130s to .050 off the lands, crimped with FCD. Running right at 3.4", I had room for a lot of powder. My 60gr H4831 and 130 NP was about 1 1/4", can go up. The Jack O'Conner 4064 49.5/130 Hornady was not so hot, horizontal stringing. The best was the 130 Hornady over 55gr IMR 4350. 3 shots made a clover leaf and a called flyer went 1.1" out, which opened up the aggregate to .60! I'll take it! ha Looks like all I need to do is find what each bullet likes, seems this rifle will do it! Happy boy! :)
That's great!

130 gr Hornady over IMR 4350... pretty classic combo there.

Sounds like the old Classic is shooting well Jim. Pretty hard to make a 270 shoot poorly.
140 Accubonds should lend well to the longer throat.

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I have my SIL using the 140 NAB in the .270 I gave him. He has taken a big PA doe with it. I am really just getting set up to try the Barnes 110 & 130 TTSX. I will also try out the 150 & 160 Partitions soon too. I'm glad I have the longer throat just for those guys! :)
When I found this Classic, I would have taken it in any caliber from 25-06 to 35 Whelen. I just wanted another standard round, long action Classic. I have my old 35 WAI to rebarrel if it didn't shoot anyhow, ha. Turns out this just happened to be in .270. My last .270 a few years back was a beautifully wood stocked, original Mod 700 Mountain Rifle. It would not shoot worth a tinker's ya hooty! ha
I didn't even look at or read much about the Trigger Tech Primary trigger I had installed beforehand. I just figured it had to be adjusted by the smith for pull/creep, etc. Heck, it has an external hex screw that is "click adjustable in 1 oz increments". Neat. I like that as during warmer months, I like a light trigger pull. when it gets really cold, then I start having issues with these old hands, ha. I like the fact that I can easily "crank her up" when I need it to be! I do just fine, right now, with 3# during the cold. I much prefer 2 1/2 other times.
I have three of the Trigger Techs so far and like them a bunch. Seem very serviceable and like you mentioned, easy to tune.
I really like the claim that it can be filled with crud and still work right!
I got in my Classic .338WM finally! I have it over at my local guys place. I had a credit with him from a previous trade. He will also trick this one out, and add a Trigger Tech to it also.


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