My Goodness!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Was in my local gunshop the other day...

They had Nosler 375 H&H ammo, loaded with the 300 grain AccuBond, 20 rounds, for almost $90...

Now I've noticed that "premium" ammo like this incurs a premium price as well.

And I am oh so glad that I'm a handloader and that I follow the sales from Shooters Pro Shop and others!

Also - not a bad idea to let folks know what cartridges you load - I've had folks flat out give me ammo and components! And have been able to buy other stuff at a big, big, really big, discount.

At any rate. Glad I handload. :)

Anyone trying to buy ammo in LGS now run the gambit of small price hikes to exorbitant price hikes, depending on the caliber you’re wanting to buy.
It’s quite crappy if you ask me.
It almost feels like it was a pre-planned ammo shortage. Especially right before the Not-so-legal Presidential Election.

I’m glad I hand load as well!


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