My son put the 7-08 to work again

Pipes, I am using Nosler brass with 43 gr of H4895 seated .0010 off of the lands. My COAL is 2.865. I chronographed this load with my magneto speed at 3045 fps. 43 gr of H4895 is just under max and it is really soft shooting and superbly accurate.
Pics as promised. First doe came out and my wife shot her at about 60 yards, DRT. Another one came out that she could not get on because of her position in the blind so I shot it at about 45 yards DRT. A little one ran and stopped broadside at about 90 yards and my son got on it, DRT. We started celebrating and more deer started to come out. A big old doe stood broadside and my wife shot it. Heart shot, ran about 50 yards. Heck of a night!
Excellent harvest of some of the finest meat one could ever ask for. That is a fantastic family shot.
Your family are good shots. That 7mm08 is a real deer getter for sure. The 120gr Nosler BT is next on my list to try in it. Dan.
Dan, thank you for the compliment. I doubt you will be disappointed in the 120 Nosler BT.
PipesMac":1t0pzikd said:
Nice! He sure looks happy.
My son got his 2nd deer, and my daughter her 1st, 2 weeks ago, with 7mm08 using barnes 120gr ttsx ammo. Savage 11 compact LH.
I love seeing posts about the 7mm08 w 120gr, as I just bought 3 boxes of nosler bt 120 gr, to work up a load.
Only workup I know about is 44.5gr Varget or RL15 and seat the bullet 0.030” off the lands. It will group and it will kill.

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HodgemanAK":31agkkgp said:
Very nice! My son started his big game career with a 7-08. He's since outgrown it but I want another one.
That’s kinda funny. I grew into my love for the 7mm-08.

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Drake after this first season of use with the 7-08 I am growing to love it too!
Good job by both of you. Nice to see the pics of the young hunter and the buck.

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PipesMC, I also have a M11 Trophy Hunter and want to try the 120 BT as well. Did you work up a load for yours yet? I am interested in as much info you can provide. That bullet looks to be a real winner in 7mm08!
We went out again tonight, took my wife, my son and my 4 yr old daughter. My wife smacked two, I shot one doe and my son got one little one. I will post some pics later. Three deer dropped dead in their tracks, one ran 50 yards. I am LOVING the 7-08 with 120 Nosler BTips!
What velocity are you loading them to?