Need for Speed? Let's look at the 204 Ruger... :)


Nov 8, 2006
Never had a desire for a 204, but that is likely because I did practically no varmint shooting. There is no question of the utility of the cartridge.


Nov 25, 2013
I had a Remington 700 stainless synthetic rifle chambered in the 204 Ruger for a bit. It was a very accurate rifle and was fun to shoot. Love the fact that you can watch the bullet holes appear in paper when shooting from the bench. A great rifle for working on your flinch! (Should one be so afflicted; spent most of my time with that Remington doing just that. My flinch is mostly from the noise, and I work on it every year getting back to where I can keep from blinking when the rifle goes off)
Sold it to pay for another rifle project. Would love to find a left hand rifle in the 204, not sure, but I believe that CZ did make some in the 527, and Ruger made some in the Hawkeye. Just haven't come across one in my travels so far.
Was at a gunshow this weekend and was somewhat tempted by a Sako 85 Varmint Stainless in 204...but walked away as it was right handed. They are beautiful rifles and known to shoot very well.


May 12, 2022
Built an AR a few years ago for fun and chambered it in .204 Ruger. I used a Shilen stainless steel match barrel and bolt that is supposed to hold 1/2 MOA @ 400 yards. It is fun to shoot. I started loading the 40 grain V-Max but switched to the Barnes 26 grain Varmint Grenade during COVID because of availability. The lighter bullets just don't group as well and are harder to load than the 40 grain V-Max.


Mar 23, 2017
I missed this post somehow. Very nice solo video Guy. I have a 204 Ruger in a H&R Handi rifle. When I got it , I bought 100 rounds of Fiocchi ammo loaded with 40gr Vmax. The darn things would leave egg holes below 65*. I have 2 bullets loaded now Barnes 26gr HPs and Sierra 39gr BKs. Barnes are running in low 4300s and Sierra are upper 3700s.