Nephew’s Muley

sask boy

Ammo Smith
Nov 4, 2007
My nephew Austin got back his 2016 Muley from the Taxidermist :wink:!
The mount is excellent in my opinion.
He has it next to the guy he took in 2012.
I told if he wants to better this guy he is going to have to do some real homework :mrgreen:!
Almost forgot he scored 189 5/8”.



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Thank You, I should also mention that he is a lefty as well just like his Uncle :lol:.

Not bad! Even for a lefty. He has overcome his handicap quite well, Dan. :mrgreen: Seriously, a couple of excellent mulies. He is to be congratulated.
sask boy":u1aj6s34 said:
Thank You, I should also mention that he is a lefty as well just like his Uncle :lol:.


Clearly the key to his success :wink:
Great looking mounts! Both of those are dandy’s

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Those are amazingly beautiful bucks.
It looks like there is a big white tail to the left of the photo, or maybe its part of a moose antler? :) Big critters. :) CL
gerry I am totally in agreement with you my left handed Brother :wink:.
Those 2 bucks were taken 4 years apart but they came out of the same pasture approximately 4 miles apart :wink: , we did see one that was actually bigger than Austin's.
My 2 boys are in the Super A pool so we are hoping that they get drawn this coming season and I will be with them on another excursion :mrgreen:.
We have a little more advantage this time because my Son and Austin went to school with one of the young ranchers from this area and he has told us that we are more than welcome to stay in one of their bunk houses any time we want.
I really like this young fellow his name is Dan :mrgreen:, he did stipulate one rule and that was we had to promise to shoot every Antelope we saw :lol: as they create nothing but work for him. He told us that the deer in the area are always breaking the top strand of their barb-wired fences and they repair them but the darn Antelope go under the fence full tilt and they break the bottom strands and him being 6'5" he advised it takes twice as long being bent over or kneeling.
I also want to thank all of you for the kind words on the post as we have been blessed to live in this area it is only 3 hours from my home.
The basement rumpus room where these trophies are hanging is at Austin's place which is on a farm 2 hours from me and I have been blessed to been involved each hunt. I know that the end of my hunting days are now drawing alot closer, each time I see one of the mounts it brings back some wonderful memories. I will ask Austin to take a few photos to show some of the great trophies we have had the privilege to harvest and I will post them. I also have a few in my Man Cave as well.
Thank you again for the kind words (y).

That is a beautiful buck! They both are. They are something to be proud of for sure.