New Acquisition


May 4, 2011
Today ladies and gents, I bought my first smokeless big bore rifle. I’ve had this one on the bucket list for some time and although I have no earthly use for it at this time besides a “fun gun” I picked it up.

No pictures yet but soon will follow. It’s a Winchester Model 70 Post ‘64. It has a Redfield 2.75x fixed power scope in Redfield rings and mounts. The trigger is a bit heavy but has no creep. I will need to replace the old rubber vented kick pad with a Pachmayer decelerator.

It’s a heavy rifle thank goodness, as .375 H&H Magnums are known to kick. I have a few 300 grain bullets, brass and dies on the way although I will probably go with something in the 260/270 grain range.

Any good middle of the road loads to share?

Will post pics when I can!

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Here are pics!!


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Congrats on the 375. I have mostly experience with the 375 Ruger instead of the good old H&H but friends I know did well with RL 15 and bullets in the 260-270 gr range. The 260 gr AccuBond was my favourite. The 235 gr Speer and 250 gr Sierra are excellent bullets and surprisingly tough, the 250-260 gr tipped mono bullets are very good too. Have fun with your new rifle!
The Nosler Accuracy load with RL15 shot excellent in my 375 Improved. Not real fast, but about 2600 or so.

Cool rifle. Congrats.
Congratulations on your new big bore.
The 375 H&H is a classic. You are going to have fun with it.

That is a heck of an acquisition! Congrats. I really like the 260 AB out of my 375 Ruger. I have smashed a few elk with it....I REALLY LIKE IT! Hope you will as well.
Nice rifle. Heck of a cartridge. Congrats on a fine purchase. Your shoulder might not be so proud of you though. :lol:
Tons of good loads for the 375 H&H. I would start with appropriate powder(s) you already use. I shoot 250gr Sierras, Win 760, Win primers and Remington brass. I only push them to 2700fps. Trajectory very similar to a 180gr 30-06 load. Recoil is very manageable and much less than full house 270gr or 300gr loads. Less felt recoil than my 338 WM with any factory 200gr load or heavier. Other than a coastal brown bear I would use that load on anything on the continent. You'll be hard pressed to find a "bad" 375 bullet for hunting.