New barrel spun on 6 BR


Feb 13, 2016
Just had a new Bartlein barrel spun on my existing Rem 700 that I used for 600 yard competition. The old barrel was toasted, been out of the match for 2 months. It stopped shooting tight, so I settled on a new barrel. The build is a .272 no turn neck, 28 inch Bartlein and barrel thickness is 1.25" slightly tapered to 1.150", dang thing is heavy. Still using the McMillian A5 stock, free floated, Rem 700 action did not need to be trued, it was just perfect, with minor work done to it. It was previously pillar bedded and has the existing Jewel trigger that was dialed down to 6 ounces. I used the previous scope with the Badger rings for my .22 Vudoo, so I'll need new rings, and I stacked up nickels on the base on the Rem action, 4 stacked in front of the action and 4 more in the rear, and rested the ATACR 7-35 scope on the nickels to check clearance, it was right on the money, made some measurements. Just ordered NightForce 6 screw 34mm rings at Midway, shipping was free. Had cleaned the barrel and put her away until the rings comes in. I still have those 1X fired 200 pieces of Lapua brass when I used the old barrel, sized a couple of cases and they fit right in, no adjustments needed. I'll check headspace once I fire some rounds through her. Just measured the OAL length of a case with a 105 Hybrid with the bullet kissing the lands for future reference once I start load developments soon. Unfortunately I missed today's .22 match and will miss tomorrow's as well, since my truck is at the shop. I'll be itching all week to try out the new 6 BR build. I could borrow my bro in law's truck, but his truck is like a giant ashtray, and I don't like the smell of cigarettes, so no thank you. LOL o_O


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28 inch Bartlein and barrel thickness is 1.25" slightly tapered to 1.150", dang thing is heavy
I can agree with that , my 6 Creed is 28” and tapers to .940” making a little lighter.
I’m sure you’re going to have the BR up and running in no time and cleaning house at the matches.