New Hunting Rig

1100 Remington Man

May 1, 2007
Well after driving Trucks for the last 35 plus years I am replacing my 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 with topper to a 2022 Toyota 4Runner. Big change on a coupe fronts I have never owned a foreign vehicle. It will be interesting how this works out. Why 4Runner reliability. I have a set of rock sliders ordered 4 week estimated delivery time.


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Aug 16, 2011
I think you'll love it . I've had three tacomas , an '08 ,a '13 , and an '18 . the only problem I've had with any of them is the battery in the 2018 . I got home from a solo elk hunt in Colorado . the next morning I wanted to move the truck to get it unloaded and , the battery was dead . it wouldn't jump , or charge , it must have shorted . I was very lucky .
I had a few 4 runners come to my shop . I did nothing but service work , and normal brakes , tires , and things like that . I think they are as bullet proof as a vehicle gets . keep your service on schedule , and you'll have this for a long time . I've noticed that most people after buying their first import , almost never go back to an American vehicle . another thing you'll notice is how well it will hold it's value at trade in time . congrats on a nice vehicle .


Nov 25, 2013
I have had good luck with Toyota's over the years (cars - Corolla's, and trucks - Tundra's)
Would have bought another Tundra, but with towing trailers more than 45% of the time, and needing more pulling power (17,800 lbs vs 11,500 lbs), went back to Dodge Ram 2500's with Cummins diesel engines.
If I had the money, I would buy another Tundra to set up just for hunting!
Wife considering a 4Runner as her next vehicle when the time comes. She has plenty of good memories with a friend of hers, in her friend's old 4Runner.


Nov 25, 2013
I actually picked up a new hunting rig last week myself, and am also waiting on parts for it too!
Bought a 2022 Yamaha Wolverine X2 850 R-Spec (gray and green finish), and am waiting on the winch, a arm guards, rear bumper and half windshield to arrive to prepare for hunting season!
Rides pretty smooth so far...we'll see how it handles in the mountains soon, over rough, rocky terrain. Should make hauling moose, elk and other game out of the bush a lot easier! Can carry 600 lbs in the dump box and tow up to 2000 lbs. Susan looking forward to cruising old decommissioned roads for black bears in the old logging cuts, and ruffies too!
Now for gun/bow racks...
Apr 17, 2020
Most Asian brands are better than American brands in my experience.

The only reason my family has a Ford is because we needed something that could carry a lot of passengers and Nissan NV vans are not fun to drive or get into, Mercedes vans are too expensive and unreliable, and what do you know, Ford Transits are really nice to drive and very comfortable to fit into, especially with a high roof. We've had two, and both of them have worked well with their V6 Turbo engines. We joke now that the Nissan is called the NV because their owners are all envious of Transit owners. 😂