New Production Remington 700 CDL

Always pleased to see a true gun crank fall off the wagon, Paul. Looking forward to the new Remington for your armory. No! I don't see one in my future, but I wouldn't ever say "Never." I do own a Remington or two. I just don't advertise the fact.
Same here Mike. I'd feel bad about a poor 700 in my safe room. The 7600's, 760, 600 and 725 hold their own, but they are really ganged up upon..

Although, I could maybe a hide a CDL-SF in another room if I had to:p
They should do some of the classic cartridges they have brought out over the years. I'll start with the 260 Rem and 280 Rem and make sure they have 1 in 8 twists to take advantage of long modern bullets. The fast twist idea would work for almost any round they have chambered in the past. The 25-06 and 22/250 come to mind.
I'd do a 260 Rem with an 8 twist Gerry.. That'd be pretty cool actually.
A model 7 in a 6mm is the closest thing I have here to a M700. I've shot plenty, never owned one that I can think of. If these new rifles are as good as they appear to be they don't want to make them in a 260 Remington or a 7mm-08 if they want to keep me as someone not owning a M700. Just saying. :whistle:
You kidding me?

I have enough primers to last my lifetime.....a 7mm-08, a 7mm weatherby mag, a 28 Nosler custom 700 rem and I am still thinking on a 7mm rem mag CDL. What a sicko I am.
You have a 7mm Wby or need one?