Norma Reloading Manual #2


Dec 24, 2006
Just got this yesterday. VERY nice manual. I haven't really dug into it, but with Norma teamed up with Western Powders, it is pretty nice to see Norma powders on the shelf. So far I have used MRP for some 7mm Mag loads and they are working really nicely. So, I figured I would get their manual.

For Chuck......

I would recommend it to any of you handloaders. Great illustrations and how to's as well.
I would be very pleased to see Norma powders showing up in Canada. I certainly enjoy their brass and their bullets.
I want too see some darned Oryxs. They might be a great bullet if we could get our hands on them.
Darn! I've tried to find them. They are about as difficult to find as a 6.5 Swede Model 70. ... uctFinding
Only Distributors are Midway, Graf's, Sinclair & Hunigton's ? What caliber ya looking for Scotty as the 30's above can be back ordered ? Seems everything component wise has become very elusive and Norma powders have been used in Weatherby factory ammo forever and the good Dr told me he has been using it but finding it in N570 is unheard of around here?
Yea with only a few distributors they will be hard to find but better price than the TBBC from the Speer's :mrgreen: I am coming to the realization that back ordering things is about the only way to make sure you have priority over everyone else MAYBE ? :roll:
Nice catch Scotty!
I really like how they are including other bullet makers. I might have to find me one of those.

Oldtrader3":10zvj1j4 said:
I used Norma MRP back in the 1960's. Have not been able to find it since!

It is all over the place here Charlie. Give it a little time, you'll see it again.
I do hope we see it here in Canada. However, Western Powders don't really push to obtain certification for their full line to enter into Canada.
That's ashame Mike, but with Vithavouri powder your well covered there too.. We don't see alot of that around here.

I am liking the MRP though, at least at first glance it seems really good. Need to give it a shot in something else, just to see what it does in another cartridge. Might have to start looking for 8lbs of it.
I had some Norma in years past, but it ceased to be found in Canada. It was a distribution problem for all North America, I understand. However, because it is distributed by Western Powders (and appears to be repackaged by them), I am not expecting to see any shortly. You are correct, though, that we do have pretty good access to VhitaVuori powders. They do work in a variety of cartridges for me. However, many people don't like the prices. My last purchase was $96/2 Kg container, plus hazmat and shipping. Ouch!
Yeah, that is a little spendy. The Norma stuff is a little more than Alliant, but can be found pretty reasonably. Really thinking if it works out, I might try it in my WSM's and some others that RL22 worked so well in. I have had excellent results with RL22, so MRP seems to be same, but different in FPS if that makes sense?

I know they are supposed to be the same, but QL and the chrono shows some difference. Could be the lot's maybe?

Either way, I can't help but try it.. No one else buys it since it is a "foreign" powder, so I will take what I can get.