Nosler .25 cal 110 Accubonds


Mar 2, 2023
I have been looking for these for years now. Does anyone know if these are still being produced?
Who knows....
I looked at some vendors and that particular SKU says product no longer available.

Nosler's own website says only out of stock.

That said it wouldn't be the first time a mfg just keeps teasing a product until an announcement is made like...
Here's a new 25 cal bullet weight in the AccuBond...

Or until they finally admit it's just done.

If they don't admit it's done then some shooters will actually hold off finding an alternative on the hopes it will be available again.
Nosler, meanwhile, can hang on to the customer until a suitable alternative is actually being made. If ever.
Either way sonetimes the tactic does work on those loyal to the very bitter end
Anyone heard any updates on these? If they really are done, does anyone have a preferred substitute that is similar?
Earlier this year I picked up some 115gr BTs from SPS but don’t recall ever seeing any hitting the open market. They must be filling OEM orders instead.
I'm fortunate that I was able to stock up earlier with the 110 gr Abs, and have since been able to stock up on the 115gr BTs.
Going to use them in my 250AI and 257 Roberts respectively.
Put together an article about handloading the 25-06 a while back. My most accurate load was:

110 gr Nosler AccuBond and 59.0 gr Retumbo

Muzzle velocity averaged 3203 with the SD coming in at a mere 7 fps!

My sporter weight Remington 700 CDL with a 6x scope grouped five shots into .63" at 100 yards for the best group, but all the groups were under .75" - and I'm not the greatest at shooting from a benchrest.


Glad I've got some 110 gr Accubonds, hope all who want them can get more. I took that rifle & load to Oregon for aoudad hunting in January but was unable to get a shot.

Regards, Guy
I saw some 110 Accubonds on gun broker this morning for a fair price. When I get home I'll find the number, I actually wrote it down.
Never tried them but found a couple bags of blems in the .25 bullet drawer. . Will have to load a few for the 25-06 and 257 Roberts to see how they do. My go to in the 25.06 has been the old 120 grain solid base.
I have 2 or 3 unopened boxes of 110 Accubonds if anyone is interested in trading. I’ll look in the morning and see exactly what I have in the reloading room.