Nosler 70-gr .224" RDFs for hunting?


Dec 9, 2008
So...I conducted an inventory on my bullet stash the other day and found I am sitting pretty. Among the bullets counted was about 500 of the 70-grain RDFs which I originally bought to try out in a Model 70 HB some years ago (before I found out the rifling was trashed in the original barrel) in sheer desperation. Once I replaced the barrel I had no problem getting my favored 50-grain BTs to work quite well.

In years past I would never have considered the question, but in 2022 I'm a little more open to the things I ordinarily consider to be unconventional.

Anyway, I searched the forum here this afternoon to find out how these RDFs might work on game. If they can be recommended, they'd be used in an AR15 on hogs. I have enough 70-grain Accubonds and 65-grain Game Kings to get by for a time, so I am trying to decide whether I should sell the RDFs or hang on to them and use them. I can push them to a little over 2800 fps using Leverevolution and I'm wondering if they'll expand, hold together, and penetrate sufficiently. I could not find any definitive pronouncements here, one way or the other.

Anyone got anything?
I tested 140gr RDF a few years ago in water jugs
RL338, I saw's encouraging and suggests that they may work. Maybe I'll just have to load some up and take em down to "the ranch" and see how the hogs like em. I could be surprised or I could be disappointed. I think I'm allowed to bring along some AB loads just in case they don't do the job. ;)