Nosler Do It Yourself Bullet Board


May 4, 2017
Hey guys just a quick one

Has anyone heard or seen of these , I cant find any info on them at all
This is new still in original box , the box is still in VGC for its age but some of the packing tape on the back is old and brittle and has cracked ,
This has never been open so I would say its a rare piece of Nosler history
I believe its from the late 80s

Any thoughts on a value?


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Feb 16, 2013
I think they made the " back in the day" instead of posters to market their products. I have 4 different ones I have picked up for my reloading room. I think they made five of them. I have never been able to find the fourth one they made. I check ebay or other online selling sites every now and then looking for it. I don't believe very many where made. My local gun shop has one hanging in the back room and I offered to buy it and he would sell. Said I wouldn't be willing to pay the price it would take to get it off his wall. It would be hard to value, I guess it's more what someone would be willing to pay for it then what it is actually worth. I often wanted to call the factory and ask someone there about them, but I figure they are to busy to want to mess with a call on it. I would love to see a current one come out, but I am sure it would be very large and expensive.