Nosler Seconds and Over Runs

Yessir. They are good folks and you can find some great deals there.
Damages my wallet from time to time. :grin:
It would be awesome if they had options for shipping. Can never find enough caliber's of what I need to justify the shipping cost at any given time. I do like that they offer mil discount though.
Ya- shipping cost stopped me. With shipping cost, buying off the shelf when I can find is still cheaper. $100 at a crack aint an option. Too bad. CL
I just pick up what I need locally.
Went to my local Big Person Emporium, note the gender neutrality, and picked up another 100, 30 cal, Nosler, Ballistic Tip for my 30-06. I'll use my Barnes 180 grain TTSX for moose this year.

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