Nosler SHOTS


Mar 23, 2005
Hi guys,

Just wondering if I could get a bit more info on the Nosler SHOTS. Mainly the 50gn and 55gn Spitzers.

Are they designed to break up or hold together well?
Has Nosler tested weight retention and penetration on these projectiles?
What is the biggest game other shooters have taken successfully with them?

Thanks fella's!
SHOTS in the .22 cal were designed as a standard cup and draw bullet. Thin jacket used mostly on varmints. I know they have been used on kangaroos and larger vermin. Not recommended for deer and antelope sized game.
Cheers Nosler...

I remember advertisments in Aussie mags saying that Nosler designed a bullet for pro roo shooters.. I gather this is the SHOTS and its just advertising from NIOA As i doubt you guys would have designed a bullet just for roo shooting!

Either way they are a good bullet for varmint sized critters and good for roo's as well!

Would you think they are too lightly built for wild goats in a 22-250?