Nosler's Competition

Which company is Noslers biggest competition?

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Oct 1, 2004
Competition is good as the manufacturers strive to outdo each other and the consumer wins. Makes one wonder if today's bullets are that much better than "the good ol days." Seems like the Noslers are middle of the road pricewise. Barnes cost more and Hornady costs less. The TSX seems good as does the Hornady Interbond. Anyone know of a scientific study on performance regarding the premium bullets? I have good experiences with the IB in the 30-06 and the AccuBond in a .300 WSM. Both put deer down with no fuss. What say you? Does price factor in?
I voted for the barnes. It seems that if a hunter does'nt use nosler he uses barnes.
I think if Barnes lowered the price of the TSX, there would be an all out war for competition. Fifty of the 6.5's cost me $35 at my local mom and pop gun store. Probably could have got them about $27 online. I have to admit when I buy the Nosler stuff, it is the seconds. I can't wait for a 6.5 AccuBond and a .30 cal 165 AccuBond.
I use a lot of Hornady bullets and think they`re a good one for the price as a std cup type bullet. I don`t think they are Noslers best competitor though.
Speer is rapidly introducing new bullets and ammo lines. They now have the Trophy Bonded premium, their std Hot Cor and Mag Tips, and they`ve introduced the Fussion under the Federal brand in rifle bullet lines. ( Federal, Speer, and Alliant are all own by ATK industries) Their hand gun offerings are well respected also with the Gold Dot bullet and both Blazer and Law inforcement lines. Speer has always had a large presences in the reloading industry and appears to me to be growing very steadily.
Barnes. Hornady is a close 2nd but only with the interbods (vs Accubonds)

As far as Sierra goes....Forget them for big game. They just suck! The company is in denial ..period! They refuse to make a "Premium" bullet! I think the only thing that keeps them alive is their varmint bullets and the few "experts" that launch Matchkings at 1100 yards at big game! :evil:
Gee Pop, I like Sierra bullets. :cry: Now you made me feel bad. I better go see my shrink :lol: . I wonder if the deer I had taken (before I discovered how great Nosler bullets are) are in denial? "No way that hole in me could have come from a Sierra bullet . . . those things are junk!" Actually I have had my worst luck with the Hornady Interbonds and Speer. And with the price of Barnes why would I shoot them with Nosler around. Soon, except for the Sierra 165gn BTHP for my 308, the only bullets I have will be Nosler Accubonds and Partitions.

I almost didn't vote. All the previous comments seemed to have said it all. I've used three brands. One is what I started reloading with probably because I bought their reloading book first. One got me hooked on Varmint Ballistic Tips, and one I trust to take the meat home.

This has to be a marketing departments nightmare question. Quality versus Price versus Usage, especially in the USA where everyone seems to want the newest, and greatest, and a wildcat for everyone.
I think Barnes is Nosler's closest competition. Sierra doesn't make premium bullets. They do make good, accurate bullets that work for most game. I've always been a Partition guy until the new Accubonds came out. I haven't tried any Barnes TSX, nor do I plan to in the immediate future since I'm happy with all my loads using Noslers.
I was wondering if folks from the other companies poke their head into this site for a little "recon" action. As with most of us, I think we match the bullet to the game we are trying to harvest. I am not convinced deer need a premium bullet any how.
Longwinters. Hey buddy do not feel bad at all. If they work for you then great! I called them and asked them when they will produce a Premium and the answer was that they already produce premium bullts, equal to or better than the already established premiums. I could not wait to get off the phone with this nimrod! Hence the denial comment. All I can say (in a politically correct way) is that Sierra's big game bullets , especially the Gameking) does not in any way represent my needs in a big game bullet. They are accurate but they do have a huge tendency to blow up, I have seen it many times and this is why I do not use them.
I would vote for Hornady. They keep copying Nolser's best ideas, the V-Max A Ballistic Tip wannabe) the Interbond ( a very poor substitute for the AccuBond), even their interlock design is supposed to help hold the core to the jacket so it will penetrate and hold together like a Partition. Hornady's big advantage is price and some of their bullets do shoot well as far as accuracy goes. I sure hope Nosler comes out with an AccuBond for the 6.5 caliber soon, otherwise I am stuck with the Hornady 129 gr SP for my 6.5x55.

I gotta say that even though I like Sierra bullets, for what I do with them, they do not rate in my mind as premium. But for deer I have had good luck with the HPBT Gamekings out of my 308. Of course you hunt elk etc... out there so I would also go with only premium bullets.

I voted Hornady because of the volume of varmint bullets used has to out number all others and time and again the question will come up and Vmaxs always seem to get a resounding approval.
Few are the shooters who go out...regularly and shoot several hundred bullets of big game bullets in a day. Not so with varmint bullets.
This is just because you can go into any Bi mart, GI Joes, or any other large store that sales reloading stuff, they have speer bullets in all calibers. most of these stores if they carry nosler carry a very limited stock. I have to always order 35 cal. 250 grn partitions because no one carries them.
Nosler's competition is different companys for different uses. Sierra match kings for long range target , Hornady for varments etc. For my money I'll shoot partitions 60% of the time on small and medium game. When I go for Elk, large mule deer and bigger I use Swift A-Frame most of the time. I hate Barnes bullets in general due to accuracy and barrel fouling but I must admit I tried the tripple shock in my .375 RUM and it 's accurate and has a good co-efficient. I'm not sure I'd trust it on a hunt. They seem like they'd over penetrate in some cases. The A-Frame just takes the Partition 0ne step farther , being bonded. But they are expensive and the B/C isn't very good. Other then those cases the Partition is and always will be the benchmark to compare to and fall back on when in doubt.
Racklover":21nt1sjr said:
I think if Barnes lowered the price of the TSX, there would be an all out war for competition. Fifty of the 6.5's cost me $35 at my local mom and pop gun store. Probably could have got them about $27 online. I have to admit when I buy the Nosler stuff, it is the seconds. I can't wait for a 6.5 AccuBond and a .30 cal 165 AccuBond.

I also agree with you. My biggest issue with all X'x is the certainty of expansion of these bullets. I have gotten way too many mixed reports. Some of good expansion and some of FMJ simulations. :cry:
I vote Hornady first. They make projectiles for small, medium, and large game.

Second would be the ever-expanding Speer line-up that's charging fast (hint, hint, hint) and pushed by Federal.

Third would be the over-rated / overhyped Barnes, which has large critters covered, but not anything else.

Fourth is Sierra, who makes a decent deer bullet and has nothing for larger animals.