Not done but getting close!


Jun 3, 2007
Sorry for the bad cell phone pics!


I started this build a while back and it has slowly been coming together here is what I have so far.

Stevens 200 CF action
.243 Win Heavy Varmint McGowan 1:7 twist
Stockade tactical bolt handle, recoil lug, and lift kit
SSS Competition trigger
EGW 20 MOA base
Leupold QRW rings
Weaver 3-10X40 Tactical Grand Slam Mil-Dot scope
HS Precision stock and bottom metal with detachable mag

Here is how it was shooting in an un-bedded M12 synthetic stock with 107 Sierra MK's.

There was potential there but I knew I needed a stock upgrade. I was cosidering dropping the money on a McMillan A5 stock and CDI bottom metal but found this HS Precision that was lightly used for far less money. I think my groups will tighten up now, that my barreled action is bedded to this stock. I know that a lot of people don't bed the HS stock but I feel better with all my stocks bedded. I've got those heavy DTAC's and Berger's on order and thinking of trying some Matrix bullets as well. Hoping to start ringing some steel well beyond 600 yards soon as I can find some time off from my new job to spend time loading and shooting.
It definitely has potential. You might have to turn the second picture right side up. :grin:
Looks like a cool set up. That 1-7 should really handle them long 243 bullets. Nice work with it.
You only used IMR 3031?

MY go to powder for the 243 win is H4350 and slower.
That is a cool setup for the 243. Always had good luck with Varget/70gr BTs and Retumbo with the 105s. Thinking about trying some 7828ssc with the 105s.
FOTIS":1w71xyp7 said:
You only used IMR 3031?

MY go to powder for the 243 win is H4350 and slower.

I used I4350 just forgot to change the spread sheet to reflect it.
I can tell it is a cell phone photograph as it has the bolt on the wrong side :mrgreen: must be using mirrors :wink:
Really though looks like she is going to be a shooter.
Look forward to range report with photos.

Had father's day off, spent it at the bench.


L-R Berger 105, A-Max 105, and Match King 107

Can't wait to get to the range now!
Those are some good looking bullets! I am going to play around with the 105 when I get home in my boys 243. Should be fun for blasting steel.
I need to try the 115's as well but these are what I had on the bench. I used I4831 with the Berger's, RL22 wit the A-Max, and H1000 with the MK's. I'm hoping I'll break 2900 with some accuracy with most of these loads.

I picked up a set of used Redding AI dies if I can't get high 2800's at the muzzle, I'm going to set it back and punch the chamber out. Who knows I may do it anyway just to play with an AI again. I've got to see what I'm missing out on every now and then.
H1000 works really well in my .243 with the 105 A-max. Getting .1-.3" groups and 3030 fps with a 10 fps ES.

My last batch of H1000 was way fast though. I dropped two grains and am still going faster than I should be with crappy groups :x . 7828, and RL-25 both worked fairly well, but H1000 was the winner in my gun.
Now if the wind would quit blowing I'd go out an shoot the rifle. Been having sustained winds of 20mph and gust up to 50 lately. Makes it kind of hard to shoot even at 100 yards.
Well I went out and shot three rounds this morning before the wind came up, was already hot in the mid 90's by 9 am. I'd like to tell you it grouped well but I can't wind took my target right off of the stand with a nice little dirt devil and I didn't feel like chasing it down. However the three cartridges I ran across the chronograph show promise of some good velocity.

105 A-Max, CCI 200 primer, RL-22, COAL 2.710"
1st shot 2867, 41.9 gr charge
2nd shot 3079 42.7 gr charge
3rd shot 3128, 43.5 gr charge

I'm a little worried though that I'm already over 3100 fps and those were just to check for pressure signs. However I didn't have flattened primers, shiny headstamps, or sticky bolt lift. When I get to go out and shoot again I'll be shooting 5 shot groups round robin style. My max charge I'm trying in this load is 45.4 gr or RL-22.