Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Our gun club has been hosting NRL-22 matches for a couple of years and they're terrific!

Similar to the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) but with 22 rimfire rifles, this can be conducted at any range with 100 yards, though there is some optional shooting to 300 yards. Yes, with 22's. :grin:

We're finding that it attracts new and veteran shooters, and is also a great way to introduce youngsters to precision shooting.

The NRL-22 organization has monthly courses of fire, which clubs like ours put on all over the country. Yesterday our club held the Valentine's match, including optional shots at a heart shaped steel target at 300 yards. To be honest, roughly 80 shots were fired at that heart, and it was only hit 7 times!

Some of the shots are from prone, others are from kneeling with the rifle rested on a saw horse or a ladder. It's interesting!

Link to NRL-22:

Far less expensive than shooting centerfire competition, and can be conducted anywhere that there's a 100 yard/meter range. Family friendly and Fun!