OK Whelen fans....here's your chance to sound off.


Dec 24, 2006
Man, I can't believe I miss this one, but the Whelen is a great one! I am not sure I would ever get rid of mine and its a REMINGTON :twisted:

It does work well for alot of things and living in your Northern Clime, I would enjoy it even more, 225's at 2700 and 250's at 2600 would work I should think on anything. I love my 338, but if it were a Pre 64 in 35 Whelen, it might be a toss up.

If it could be rechambered and rerifled, that would be an inexpensive option at having a heckuva awesome packing rifle. My Whelen CDL is fairly light at 7-7.5lbs scoped and man, it is nice to carry after elk in the mountains, but it does have the range to reach a bullet 400 yards or so.


Mar 13, 2005
I got a rem 760 a previous owner rechambered from 35 rem to Whelen. It wears a Leupoldvx-2 2-7 with german post #2 reticule. It is great here in Western Oregon, anyone I have met that has a Whelen just loves the round. I have used mine for 12 Blacktail deer, 1 muledeer, 2 bull roosevelt elk, 2.5 black bears (the .5 is 2nd shot into a friends bear that took a round from a 30-06 and took off) I like 200 grn bullets for deer and 250 part. for bear and elk