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Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Have been wanting a "nice" over & under for quite some time now, as I really enjoy upland bird hunting. "Black Ugly" the 12 ga Beretta semi-auto works GREAT for me, but... it's not a nice over & under. Well heck, sometimes things just seem to go the right way, and I've now got a nice, older 12 ga Browning Citori that is in pretty darned good shape, with just the usual dings & dents from being hunted a bit in years gone by:


I may not shoot any better, but I'll look better while shooting...

Very handsome OU, Guy. A wingman just feels more lethal carrying something like that. Congratulations on a great find. That wasn't a Christmas gift, was it?
That is one of my favorites! Congratulations on a fine choice. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Clark with the Citori and some birds.

I really like how the citori’s felt especially the older ones. Browning makes a fine OU, but I do like the ones like you have better than some of their newer stuff.

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Good friend used to shoot one like that. Gave it to another friend, said he figured at 85 he wasn't steady enough to shoot trap anymore. Wonderful gesture but I gave him grief for hanging it up. Hope you enjoy it as much as the Beretta. That is a pretty piece. CL

PS- you best tell Clark to brush up on his form..... :) "we gotta look good doing it now...."
That looks more like a Sporting Clays model than a standard Citori. It has both barrels ported and the receiver is silver with gold inlays...maybe clay pigeons. My Citori had both the receiver and barrel blued with no porting or inlays.
I'd much rather have one like you have than the standard model.
That's a great choice Guy, we don't see them in the gunshop a lot as
They hardly ever cause problems, enjoy!
You should bring it back here and try it out over our Setters on Ruffed Grouse!IMG_1847.JPG
It is a pretty nice one from the 1980's - I say it's "Fam Dancy" :) Never had a shotgun like this before. Feel kinda self-conscious about it frankly, but it is nice. A sporting clays gun indeed, it's called the "Golden Clays" model:



It needs a little attention, but not much. I hoped to have a chukar hunt report with some game in hand, but the chukar didn't cooperate... Sigh. That's typical of wild chukar! :)

When the weather cooperates you will have to put a couple rounds at the Skeet Range and let us know how you do and if she feels like a old friend.
I've always wanted an over-under Guy but have not bit the bullet and purchased one. I liked the looks of the Ruger Red Label I believe it was called. I like the one you purchased. It's very pretty. Yes.................a gun can be pretty!
Nothing better than two barrels and two chokes on a field or sporting gun. Than there is the cool factor and great feel of a broke open gun saddled on your shoulder (barrels forward). No brass pick up ether you will get the mechanics and the hulls will just pop into your hand. Look for free shipping on flats of target ammo, B&P Competition One is pretty good stuff and cheap if you do not reload. You want STS or gun club if you were to reload a twelve. I am looking for a Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge 26" field gun if I do not find a used gun I will just get the SP1 12/26" new. It will complete my set of Beretta O/U. ( these fit me)

Great gun you found there. The Brownings are very nice and strong guns as well as lookers.

The shotgun did well afield. The trap league at our gun club starts in March. It's been a long time since I shot trap, maybe 20+ years? At any rate, this gun tempts me to try it again.

Guy Miner":3g8pxdzq said:

The shotgun did well afield. The trap league at our gun club starts in March. It's been a long time since I shot trap, maybe 20+ years? At any rate, this gun tempts me to try it again.

I was late in finding the clay games, only getting started about 3 years ago.... But I was instantly addicted.

I'm not very good at it, because I don't have much time to practice due to my job, but I do very much enjoy trying.

Trap comes pretty easy to me, even doubles I do ok.... But skeet, that one I struggle with.

5 stand is my favorite of all though... And I suspect when I get to try the full game of sporting clays I'll love that too.... Our local range is in the process of building a course as we speak.
Clay games are first supposed to be FUN, next they are PRACTICE for wing shooting, the last is COMPETITION, but that must be fun, since so many do that. I hunt, there fore I shoot clay games. I started skeet last December I have learn a bit and know what to expect so I am not as rushed. But its winter and sub freezing. Come spring I intend to shoot at each station until I have that station down pat then move on to the next. I think that will help with a mental sight picture and muscle memory.
Guy the first new shotgun I ever bought was the Browning Citori that was back in the late 60s :wink: she was my pride and joy.
About 13 years ago I had used my shotgun and had left it on my bench to clean before putting her back in the safe. The next day my house was broken into and they only thing they took from my gun room was a the shot and a gun case. If they had looked in my cupboards I had over 50 boxes of 12 gauge shells alone. Any way being a insurance adjuster seemed to soften my head a little as I could not get a Belgium made Brown except by special order and I did not want to be out of the game to long so I did a exchange and picked up a lefty SBE-ll in substitution in hind sight it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made as the SBE is great but that Browning was on a different level and now that my oldest boy has got so heavily involved in the upland game hunting it would have served him well once I called it a day.
I have been looking for a older model but unfortunately I can't seem to find one in decent shape.
Guy it looks like you picked up a dandy and just a little advice don't let her go :wink: !1

Dan, that just plain stinks to have your home broken into and your gun stolen!

Thanks, I do like this Browning an awful lot and glad I have it. The vents or ports or whatever they're called make it a little noisier than I'd like, so I've taken to wearing ear plugs when I hunt with it.

Regards, Guy