P64 30-06 Tubb's Final Finish


Dec 24, 2006
I have had a P64 30-06 a few years. I have tried a bunch of different combinations through the rifle, put it in a McMillan stock, cleaned it, not cleaned it, etc.. It just never has shown me much of anything. I really like the rifle and wanted to use it but even with dedicated load work I couldn't do much with it. It would kinda get decent and then fall to pieces. Anyhow, I was almost at the point I was going to send it off to JES and really let him make something out of it (35 Whelen) but I figured I would try one last trick. The later years of the P64's had some tooling marks and somewhat rough bores, my old 338 did and a full round with Tubbs Final Finish bullets really turned the rifle around. The 338 shoots everything well, doesn't foul much and is a pleasure to use now.

Figured I'd give it a shot with the 06 before I let JES really "fix" the bore. I ordered up the 308 caliber bullets and when I got them, I saw they were 175 grain Sierra Matchkings so I loaded them up over 38 grains of H4895. Tubbs recommends using the lightest charge that'll get the bullet through the bore. No idea of the speed, but they were some kinda gentle to shoot.

Here is a picture of the groups of the Tubb's bullets at 100 yards. After every stage, I patched the tar out of it, getting it back to as clean as I could before I started with the next finest grit.

You can see that mostly, they all shot pretty decent, I lost out on the last 10 being on paper as I was messing with the zero and went just off the paper. Oh well, you can see generally how they looked.

That's the rifle, it weighs 8lbs on the nose with the SS 3x9 on top and is a sweetheart of a gun.

Anyhow, I shot all 50 of them and since I am out of town, decided to grab a random box of ammo to shoot it and see what happens. I found a box of 150 grain Winchesters. Nothing special, 20 bucks or so. I fired off 5 of them just as fast as I could aim, cycle the bolt and fire again.

5 shots into 1.25" - 1.5" without any wide fliers or weird stuff..

So I believe I am happy. I will try some better ammo once I get home this weekend and try it out one more time.

So if any of you have a rough barrel, or a rifle giving you fits, sometimes it pays off to try some firelapping bullets through it. I will say the barrel feels much more even now pushing a patch through it, from start to finish.

So, I am trying to like the 06! This one is just battling me some.. Hopefully it has turned the corner.. If not, I know JES will make it work too!


Nov 17, 2005
Seemed to do the trick Scotty! I bet with some handloads itll do well under MOA now from the looks of things. Hope it works out for ya, sure is a nice rifle for an 06 :) lol


Dec 24, 2006
remingtonman_25_06":3996xsjr said:
Seemed to do the trick Scotty! I bet with some handloads itll do well under MOA now from the looks of things. Hope it works out for ya, sure is a nice rifle for an 06 :) lol

It’s one of those things Jorey, I have 10 rifles on both sides of it that are better in my head but I had to try one out, just for grins.


Sep 30, 2004
I’ve had pretty good experiences with the final finish system too. They sure do clean up nice once your done!

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6mm Remington

Ammo Smith
Feb 27, 2006
Nice job Scotty you just need some 165 gr. Accubonds and some IMR4350 or H4350 to load up some killer groups!

If you cannot find a combination with that bullet and those two powders I do not know what to tell you!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
I used those Final Finish bullets on a 7mm Rem Mag Sendero long ago.

I was quite pleased with the results. It was accurate before the treatment, more accurate after, and the cleaning interval was greatly improved.

But... It would make a great 35 Whelen too. (y)



Mar 6, 2017
Good deal Scotty, nothing wrong with those results! Haven't used it much but the limited amount I've used final finish, I've gotten similar results. If for nothing else it's a good something to try if all else fails on a problem rifle like you were dealing with. Even if it doesn't improve accuracy you can almost guarantee less copper fouling and easier cleaning.