Partitions, Nosler Brass, and 300WM dies


Sep 17, 2013
I was in the Horseheads (Elmira), NY Sportsman Warehouse yesterday and found:

- 338 Partitions in 225 and 250 gr.
- 375 Partitions
- 26 Nosler brass
- 28 Nosler brass
- 30 Nosler brass
- some other RUM Nosler brass

In general they seemed to have some components and factory loads for larger caliber and relatively "expensive" cartridges which are not commonly used in NY state for deer hunting.

It might be worth a call for someone who is looking for those things.

They also had some Hornady modified cartridges such as 300 WM (which is what I was looking for).

In addition I found a set of RCBS dies in 300 WM at Scott's Guns and Accessories in Horseheads, NY Unfortunately, I had just ordered a set directly from RCBS. Those dies don't seem to be available at any other retailers.

I’ve been finding 7mm WSM lately.. no idea why that and none of the other WSMs. Our LGS are picked over..still

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I saw a few bags of 325wsm brass in Lansing MI Sportsmans Warehouse a month or 2 ago.

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