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Sep 30, 2004
A precision rimfire has been a big part of my regular shooting. It was a cheap way to work on different shooting positions and brought more of a challenge to my local 300 yard range.

I had a ruger precision rimfire for a while. It was a pretty good shooter but was plagued with fliers. It would shoot some really good groups but rarely 2 in a row. I swapped the barrel out to a green mountain match barrel. It shot more consistently but still not what I was hoping it would.

I had been looking at my options. The best out there was the vudu gunworks but at $2k+ it was a lot to spend on a rimfire.

Once KRG came out with the bravo chassis for the T1X I thought this might be the best option. I ordered the chassis and necessary upgrades and waited to find a T1X. I had an US optics TS-12 scope that I thought would be about perfect.

I picked it up Friday and put it all together. First impressions were great. It had an amazing feel, once adjusted and lighter spring in the trigger, it had a great trigger.


I got out to shoot it Saturday. I took an assortment of 22 ammo to give a try. The initial sight in was done with Aquila match ammo. I was very impressed with how well it shot. At 25 yards it was a one holer. I hung a target at 50 yards to compare ammo. Where it shot this target.


I was more than pleased with how consistent it shot all the different ammo.

I spent most of the day banging away on my 4” spinner at 100 yards. More clicking away, there is not much banging in supressed 22 rimfire. I stepped out to the 200 and 300 yard range with enough time to click away at my 4 and 6” swingers at 200 yards and my 9x12 swinger at 300.

It makes the perfect companion to my bravo stocked 308.


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Sep 30, 2004
I got out and shot the T1x trainer again this afternoon. It did not disappoint. I got my drop dialed in at 200 and 300 yards. After a few groups on paper to get lined out I unrolled the shooting mat and spent the rest of the evening proned out clicking away at steel.

200 yards was almost too easy. Even the 4” spinner was easy to hit repeatably. The 300 yard spinners were a different story. Since my gongs are 1/2” plate there was no movement getting hit with the 22lr at that range. I could barely hear hits. I ended up hitting my 9-12 a half a dozen times at 300. after I put it on paper at 300 I realized I had been missing right.

Here are a few of the groups I was shooting.

100 yards with CCI standard velocity

100 yards with CCI Greentag

100 yards Aquila 40gr target

I didn’t get any pictures of the 200 yard groups because they got covered up with the 300 yard target.

300 yards with CCI standard velocity

Interestingly my rifle was shooting about a half a mil flatter than StrelokPro predicted. 5.5 mils at 200, and 11.5 at 300.

The beautiful thing about this rimfire training was I was able to shoot a couple hundred rounds of ammo without worrying about it. The availability of ammo and components are getting more and more expensive and hard to find.

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Nov 17, 2005
It's a great idea and those Tikkas are nice! I got a CZ457 American 22LR for the same purpose. It shoots everything pretty good at 50 yards, between .5"-.75" for 10 shots, and will do 20 shots in a quarter with its preferred type. Still working out the 100 and 200 yard ammo, but it sure opens up past 50 yards! They are a lot of fun, great practice in between letting the centerfires cool, and cheap to shoot! It puts most of them to same POI at 50 yards as well. Tested about 20 different types from bulk walmart, to CCIs, to Eley and Aguila. I worked the factory trigger down myself to 1.25# and it breaks like glass.


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