Pet Loads for 6mm Remington


May 21, 2015
Would anyone like to share their pet handloads for the 6mm Remington?

I acquired a Remington 760 Gamemaster pump rifle, and I'm going to handload for it since the ammo lines are drying up.
Sure - this is listed as Nosler's max load - so start lower and work up. It's a proven mule deer load for both my son and I, and quite accurate.

95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip - a great bullet
48 gr Reloader 22
Federal 210 primer

Nosler lists mv over 3200 fps with this, from a 24" barrel. Our rifle has a 22" barrel and only makes a tad over 3,000 fps with this load. I am loading for a bolt action Rem 700, and this load has never caused any problems. I haven't loaded for the rifle you own. Be sure to trim the brass to proper specs, and again, I'd urge you to start a few grains lower, and work towards this max level load, paying attention to pressure signs.

As an alternative, consider the 100 gr Nosler Partition, which is also an excellent bullet. We've had good success with both.

BTW, did you know that Nosler's load data is available online?

Regards, Guy
Guy has some excellent advise. IMR4350 or H4350 are both great powders in the 6mm Remington also. Work up carefully checking for pressure signs as you go. I personally use IMR4350 in my load and my son's rifle is using Hodgdon H100V which seems to work well also.

Thank you both for the input!
I will add your suggestions to my recipes.
I won'tbe hot rodding any loads, I like all my digits,limbs, and internal organs exaexactly where they are! LOL
If you check the "bullet test" section on this site, you'll find an area full of 6mm bullet testing info, which also has some good load info, and as I recall a few photos of hunters and game taken with 6mm & .243 rifles.

Might even be an elk or two in those 6mm photos... Shot placement and good bullets!

Regards, Guy
When people have shot elk, where did they put the bullet placement? Neck shot, or vitals?

I never took my .243 elk hunting. I just didn't have the opportunity, not that I wouldn't take one with a .243, or 6mm.
I do like it.

IMR or H4350 isn't bad at all though...

How long is the barrel on your rifle?

22" bbl!
Hopefully the chamber won't be sloppy like some Remington 700's have been.
I like IMR 4350, used it in a Ruger M77 in .25-06 pushing a 100 gr. Sierra Gameking to 3350 fps. That was one hell of a prairie dog vaporizer, and coyote buster!
That was the last rifle I used when I was on the last hunt I had with Fotis.
I was getting 2 for 1 shots quite a bit ,and at some extended ranges too.
Finally got a box of Hornady Superformance 95gr. SST.
It was $38 , but I need the ammo to get some reloading brass.
Stated velocity supposed to be 3225 fps!
Huh. Be interesting to see what it produces from your rifle, over a chronograph. Could be pretty fast stuff...

I'm hoping so! Wish I had a chrony to let you guys know how fast it is. Probably take off 50 fps for having a 22" bbl, instead of the 24" bbl they shoot them through.
Either way, can't wait to see how it does!
When I get my range day, I will try and post pics of my rifles with groups shot by them.
Can't wait! Getting super bad itchy trigger finger just thinking about it!
Salivating too!
Is that wrong or creepy to salivate while thinking of shooting, and hunting at the same time?!? :?
A load I've used for years and has worked in more than one rifle is 43.5grs of IMR 4350.I use it for 95-105gr bullets and it runs around 3050fps out of a 22" barrel.
TXbaldhunter":11n0k0z6 said:
A load I've used for years and has worked in more than one rifle is 43.5grs of IMR 4350.I use it for 95-105gr bullets and it runs around 3050fps out of a 22" barrel.
43.4 grs. of IMR4350 in my Ruger #1B with 100 gr. Partition has been my load for years. (y)
I've liked IMR 4350 for a long time. It worked very well in my .25-06 with 100gr Sierra Gamekings. I was getting 3350fps out of a 24" bbl Ruger M77. I would get clover leaf groups at 100yds, and 3" groups at 500yds.
I've been looking at 4350 for use in my 6mm, but looking harder at RL 22, now.
Anyone know of any place I can get components to reload?
Like brass, mainly! Or an inexpensive to order powder and primers?