Progress with my right Achilles/ankle/calf and overall update


Sep 15, 2005
I know I have not posted a lot since my surgery, but this is a update.
I started lap swimming just over a week ago. I have only been in the pool three times so far, but 600 yards, 1K, and 1K have been good.
I am NOT swimming non-stop at these distances, but will swim 100 yards, and stop and catch my breath, then do another 100 yards.
Yesterday was for sure better than Thursday, when I went 1000 yards for the first time since May.
I have done no cardio since May, and it shows, but a start is a start. Being in the pool doesn't stress my joints like other cardio can. I have not started even light weight lifting yet, but I will in a week or two.
The physical therapist thinks I should be ready for the knee replacement surgery (same leg) by mid-April.
My calf area is still very weak, but I am not in pain.
I actually am ready to go shooting again, but weather and other responsibilities have hampered me so far.
SEB stuff has been extremely busy-This is not a complaint.
Just this past week I have been contacting people for WY-SHOT, and I am pleased with the number of shooter's who are planning to attend.
Around 15 will be first time shooters.
I have made a deal, and within a couple of weeks I will have one of the rarest specialty pistols in my hands.
I am literally giddy over this. Until it is in my hands, I am not going say what it is (You guys can guess all you want though 😇
It has two barrels. One chambering is very common in rifles and in specialty pistols, while the second one is rare in specialty pistols, and not common today in rifle. The odd one is a big bore cartridge. I will need to get dies, as I have never had a gun chambered in this cartridge.
Also, I will be getting several center-grip stocks back this week with Arca rails attached... Time to get busy learning to shoot a center-grip XP-100 off of a tri-pod!
Glad you're progressing right along. Hope and prayers for a successful knee surgery as well. Dan.
This is a great report, Ernie. So pleased to hear that you are making steady progress toward full health.
Glad you are making continued progress with your therapy. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full with the new rig.
Looking forward to seeing pictures.

Good to hear you’re progressing well.
Sounds like someone is getting a 50 BMG pistol😂
Good One!
Not that caliber, and not that big of a case capacity...Now you all know it is less than a 50 Cal 😁
I actually have a blank barrel for a 408 CT rear-grip specialty pistol...But that is not it either 😇
I already have a 375 CT specialty pistol ⚡
Another great guess, but that is not it.
Very cool hand cannon Ernie. You have a very effective muzzle brake.
I guess now I'm thinking 33 Nosler.
That would be a great round and would compliment your 28 Nosler.

Very cool hand cannon Ernie. You have a very effective muzzle brake.
I guess now I'm thinking 33 Nosler.
That would be a great round and would compliment your 28 Nosler.

The only Nosler cartridge I have or will have in the near future in a XP-100 or specialty pistol, is the 26 Nosler. I also have a XP-100 in 7mm Dakota (A tad smaller than the nos case).
I do have a 28 Nosler in a rifle though.
The 33 Nosler would be a cool 2 mile rig in a heavy rear-grip specialty pistol, shooting the mono's
Glad to here you're doing better, and I cant wait to see a 33XC in a specialty pistol?
Now you are talking... 💥
I have actually thought about doing that as a part of a switch barrel set-up on my 375 CT rig...Too many irons in the fire currently to go that direction, but the 33XC is on my want list.

The specialty pistol I will be getting in a couple of weeks, will be light enough to carry and hunt with.
My 375 CT is a pig in terms of weight...I wish it was heavier for it's purpose, truth be known. It moves around more than I want it to.