Quality of New Winchester Model 70's?

147 Grain

May 17, 2005
What do you folks think of the newer Winchester Model 70's?

I am considering a 30-06 rifle for my son. It's Super Shadow composite model with a 24" barrel and Controlled Round Push Feed (CRPF) Mauser style action, with sling, and Simmons 8 Point 3-9X40 Scope at Walmart for only $398. (Note: Will replace cheap scope & rings)

How's the accuracy of this model with a decent synthetic stock that appears to free-float the barrel?

If I buy this firearm, what do you experts suggest I do to it, as my son and I both shoot at the range every 2 weeks and will be hunting about 8 times a year.

http://www.winchesterguns.com/prodinfo/ ... 1&cat=001C

http://www.winchesterguns.com/prodinfo/ ... 35931l.jpg

Thanks in advance of your reply!


Oct 26, 2004
The CRPF action isn't the same as a mauser action, it's a hybrid between that of an original model 70 action and a pushfeed post 64 action. All that being said I am sworn off Winchester rifles, I've had 4, 2 pushfeed, 2 CRF, both were tempermental and I had to play with the bedding to get them to shoot. I won;'t buy another, I believe that CRF is vastly overrated, pushfeed works just fine, if you are looking for a bargain rifle, look at the Tikka or the remington first.

Ol` Joe

Oct 6, 2004
I haven`t bought a Winchester in about five years but the last two, one a CF M70 in 270 and the other a M70 223 push feed both haven`t had any faults. The 270 did get a bedding job just because I don`t like the "hot glue" they use at the factory.

The last two Remingtons I`ve bought (also about the same time frame) were junk. The first a M700 in 260 Rem had a burr in the chamber that cut a deep scar in the case body when ejecting the empty. The gun also needed the bedding touched up and the barrel channel was rubbing the barrel right from the start. This was a plastic stocked rifle that ended up with a new stock along with the bedding. The second a M7 had a 1/8" chip in the crown right from the box at the dealers. The smith at the dealers recrowned the gun as I waited and I took it because it was a pre-ordered rifle by me, and he was trying to make it right.

Lately I picked up a early Kimber M84 and it`s had a trip back to smooth up a rough action. The gun is very accurate and handles sweetly though and was right from the start. I don`t think the quality of any manufacture is really guaranteed. The newer Kimbers I`ve played with in the stores have been real nice though from what I can see. I`d be sure to look over any brand rifle you think of buying closely, and if your at a dealer with a range see if he`ll at least let you run a mag full of cartridges through the action to check feed and ejection, better yet if he`ll let you fire it.