Question for Nosler


May 15, 2005
Howdy. First off like to say i love your bullets bin shootin them for a looong time! i figure if i have a rifle that won't shoot noslers then i need a another rifle. Was wondering what i can expect from the 150gr AccuBond in the 308 win. I no it will be great for deer. What do think about boar? i would opt for a 165 a-b for boar but there isn't one yet hopfully soon?. Thank you!!
Depends on the size of the boar and what type of shot you'll be taking. For your basic 100-150lbs feral hog the 150gr AccuBond should work on a heart/lung shot. However the 30-180gr AccuBond would probably be a better choice in your 308 Winchester for boar. Or consider the 30-165 Partition, but again that depends on the size of your boar. BTW thanks for your kind words and support.
Howdy. Thanks for the responce my dad got one last year it was almost 300lbs maybe i should go with the 165 Partition and play it safe!!. I don't want a wounded boar. Thanks for the help :)