Ramshot Big Game?

Just tried it in my 7mm-08 this weekend

These loads with Big Game sure are looking good with excellent results. And the price is pretty good too.

When I had a Ruger 77 Mk II in 30-06 I had a great load with Big Game and the 150 gr E Tip. Had excellent results as well in a 303 British, 358 Norma, and heavy bullets in 35 Whelen. It's a good powder that does well in a lot of different applications.
This was a quickie load development. Just ran up a ladder until I found a flat spot and loaded 4 in the middle of the flat spot. 46.7 grain @ 2755 fps with the 150 scenar. About 15 shots total and under MOA. Could probably close that group up significantly and bump the speed up with further development.
Screenshot 2023-09-05 143121.png
question for all who use it...... the description on the container sings praises for the .30-06, does it ?
I have 2 lbs of it sitting here on standby. I haven't found it to be standout in what I've tried so far, but that doesn't mean I dislike it. It certainly has its uses and is cheap enough. I wouldn't trade IMR 4350 for it, or H4895, but if push came to shove I'd get along just fine with it.