Range day success...


Oct 23, 2020
I took my Nosler 300WSM out to sight things in for an upcoming bear hunt with some handholds. 180gr ABs over 64gr of Hybrid 100V. I've been concerned that I'm seeing some throat erosion since the rifle has been the "go-to" for the last 15 years and has had quite a few rounds down the tube. My new local range resembled a free fire zone, you'd never know there was an ammo shortage from the rounds shot aimless at a winter's worth of trash.

100 yard groups hovered around an inch and the velocity averaged 2980fps with ES and SD in the single digits. Pretty happy with that. I ran the target to 200 yards and had a nice, triangular group of 1.5MOA. That'll do for anything I'm going to shoot at.

180 E-Tip loads over 62gr of 100V were a little bit disappointing- 2" with speeds of 2880. the 200 yard group was the same, 2 MOA. That'd do, but the rifle will do better despite my off day.

We loaded up a ladder for my buddy's Sako Finnlight in 300WM with 180ABs and H4831. We worked up from 69 to 73 grains and the rifle really preferred the hotter end of the ladder. We got a 3/4" group from 73gr with 2850fps.

All in all, I consider it a success to develop workable loads for two rifles using a minimum amount of hard to find components in the process.


Sep 30, 2004
I took a pair of new shooters to the range today. We shot up several hundred rounds of nearly irreplaceable ammo but ended up with them running out snd buying a gp100 in 357 mag. There is nothing like the smile a new shooter gets when they start hitting targets for the first time.

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EOD Diver

Dec 30, 2011
I always look forward to seeing your report on that Nosler rifle of yours. With that PACNOR barrel, it has been laying them in there for quite some time! I'm glad the ol' girl is still getting the job done there in Alaska and has put a lot of meat on the ground for you. Time really flies and it is scary to think that we've been reading about this rifle and shooter's exploits for over 15 years now! Best of luck in the coming season and I hope you might find time to post up a pic of the rifle doing what it does best.


Dec 24, 2006
I echo what Joe says. That rifle and Guys 25-06 are pretty steady rifles here on this board!

Glad it's still shooting well for you.