Redfield Vs the latest K-4 Weaver and why?


Sep 10, 2006
I got $20 off coupon from Cabellas and I would really like a straight 4X or my 16 ga slug gun. Weaver is the only maker I know in the under 200 price point Im looking at. Once upon a time the "K-4" was THE scope to have. The new ones are not those, I know but if you had a choice what would you choose? I have shot through a 1.5 - 4 a lot and I dont see the advantage. At 4x at decent cross hair is visible at almost poit blank and the difference in FOV is negligible for the hunting I will do. So, a good 4x that is 200 or less? The redfield is in the question because that would be the next best thing. Any body know if any of the Cabelas scopes are in the running and worth the effort? Thansk CL


Dec 14, 2008
It's been maybe ten years, maybe more, but I killed a 4x Weaver on a Remington 572, so I pretty much stay away from Weavers since.