Reloading used to be cheaper

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It's certainly been a while since I was 20, but I do happen to know quite a few of them. I am happy to report that, in truth, things are much the same as when they were when I was that age. There are some who are truly shiftless - and, yes, sadly that number I think has increased. There are some who are vibrant, aggressive, hard workers. Then there are the vast majority or are simply milling about.

What I have found also to be true, is that many of them were never given the education or challenges I had as a youth or teen. And I don't mean going to a school, I mean education. I have met several who were never taught the basics of comparison shopping, for example. I haven't met but perhaps one or two in last several years who knew the first thing about sewing. And, now that I write that, please permit me to correct - I met only one or two who expressed an interest in learning, they still knew nothing about it. I have even met some of tremendous potential who never met anyone who encouraged them to pursue their gifts. Are they really to blame for that?

I think from what I have seen, is that this lack of ambition is born from a permission-required environment. Children are taught at a very young age that they have to ask permission of someone else to do essentially anything. That makes it very difficult to build the skill of decision making. So, as a result, they don't develop the ability to take responsibility for themselves or their own lives. Because no one told them they could.

So, as I do not like to point out problems without presenting a solution, I suggest each of us look for opportunities to mentor someone younger. They will never grow to the fullness of what they can be, if no one shows them the way.

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To the original post. Yes, it is getting more expensive way too fast. I try to compare it to the cost of buying factory ammo, but that really doesn't capture all of it, because we don't all reload for the savings, and of those that do, we don't reload JUST for the savings.
As someone in their 20s (and probably the youngest among y’all), I very much agree about the amount of opportunity given to young people nowadays. It wasn’t as apparent back in small town Kansas, as everyone either had a strong work ethic or they wouldn’t have gone far. I was blessed enough to have a dad who taught me everything I needed to know, from mechanic work to reloading. I realize now that I’m in a bigger city that not everyone has that nowadays though.
I think prices will start coming down soon maybe this summer. I noticed since start of the year that the online retailers have been sending me deals and sales flyers every day sometimes twice a day. Seems like it's a sign that people are starting to buy less as when the shortages were higher last year they would rarely send me any deals. Still not deals as many raised their prices but they may be getting nervous if they have higher priced stock in but people are now not buying anymore.
Terribly lopsided...there is no push and pull because it's actually a push with a d10 bulldozer that no wage can pull.

We could chat about this for hours but funny how so many people...Americans...
think everything is just sunshine and rainbows because that pay stub is numerically higher.
Funny though( not funny and actually sad) how they fail to see that even with a higher number on the pay stub they're lliving worse. Far worse.

If you told all Americans they would take a pay cut and only bring home $50 per week but they would live better sadly most would oppose such a thing. I'm keeping my $1200 per week wage even if it means both husband and wife have to work and live far worse.
So many just don't understand.
Trust me, I get it. I'm just lucky enough to be in a position where I'm not quite living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I feel bad for young adults now without any skills, but they have the same gov funded, entitled college degree that everybody else has and about 0 chance of being able to afford to buy a house in the near future.
Geeze I got a 10% raise and eggs went up 300%. But I'm making more money.

No kidding. Just heard a discussion on the news lately about this..........real wages, which is wages compared to inflation, went up 7% under Trump. Since joey's been in that 7% has evaporated and went into a 3% deficit. So the average person is getting hit with a double whammy. Real wages shrank 10%, and inflation is up.

BTW, I'd be ecstatic with a 10% raise on my gross earnings. Tax season is coming up and I'm afraid to even add up what I made last yr. Compared to Trump yrs I'm no where close to my previous earnings, plus getting hit with inflation. Honk for joey.
It certainly has been way cheaper when I started reloading. Thanks to inflation. :sick:

Biden and I quote......."No one making less than $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes. Not a single solitary cent."

Liar Liar. I've paid gobs more money for everything under the sun since joey took over. It's not officially called a tax, but in reality inflation is a cruel and horrible tax on everybody. And every single solitary cent of it's increase was/is avoidable.

Trump left office with a 1.4% inflation rate.
Just did the math on the inflation from when we got that trimmer and it’d only be 61 dollars nowadays. That’s still half the price of a new one
Couple pics.

The two 800 X cans are 1/2 lb, for $8 and change. The H450 is $14 and change for a lb.

These 2 don't have prices on them, but a person has to wonder what it was when these cans looked like this? The 4320 can is almost full, the IMR 4064 can is half full. I've used powder out of both of them. They work fine. (y)

Couple weeks back I picked up 4 full boxes of Hornady 200 grain RN for the 35 Remington's I shoot from Sako2 on here. We worked out a trade of bullets for powder. The one box has a price on it, and it's $10.58.

Ah, yes, those were the days! Or, as we often hear, "That was then; this is now." Thanks to our politicians, and that is all of them, indebtedness will continue to rise and costs will continue upward outpacing wages. In the States, Repubs who go along to get along ensure that Democrats will continue spending on luxuries and driving the nation toward socialism, and in Canada, Conservatives who are simply Liberals in disguise will always continue down the same path. And all the while, we the people will be progressively impoverished and reduced to a common level of destitution and dependence on government.
Yes reloading has gotten more expensive. Just last week I was watching the Roomba (Jeffrey) go down the hall and spotted a primer that somehow got tracked out of my reloading room on the floor in his path, I nudged Jeffry aside to get the primer. My wife joked “you can tell costs have skyrocketed , you just kicked a $300 vacuum to save a primer”. Well honestly I was concerned for Jeffrey’s safety should he suck up a live primer.
Ah, yes, those were the days! Or, as we often hear, "That was then; this is now." Thanks to our politicians, and that is all of them, indebtedness will continue to rise and costs will continue upward outpacing wages. In the States, Repubs who go along to get along ensure that Democrats will continue spending on luxuries and driving the nation toward socialism, and in Canada, Conservatives who are simply Liberals in disguise will always continue down the same path. And all the while, we the people will be progressively impoverished and reduced to a common level of destitution and dependence on government.

Not saying I'm impervious to it, but be a LONG time before I'm in that boat, even with very little income. The clincher to all of it for me is electricity. Shut that off or make it so expensive a person can't afford to use it, and I'm screwed. Would require some major changes on my end to keep functioning.

Far as everything else, we are pretty self sufficient around here. Grow a whole lot of our own food and we can it and put it away for the next yr. Freezer is also full of 90% of things that came from us. There's an estimated 400 lbs of potatoes left yet that I grew last yr sitting in a cold cellar that will last my immediate family until this yrs harvest. Get 6-9 eggs a day from 9 free range hens we have here. Got all the wood I need for cooking if need be right back of my house, and maybe most importantly, plenty of cold clean water springs nearby for water.
This discussion made me dig through some other stuff. I have a box of .308 Hornady 170 FP bullets for 30-30 with a price on it of $6.75. A box of .308 Hornady 180 SP interlock with a price of $6.45. :oops: Lots of other similar type and aged boxes of bullets, but no price on them.

Several boxes of .308 Hornady 110 gr RN with a price of $4.75. The 110 RN's probably never were a real expensive bullet, but still, less than a nickel a piece.
I found a receipt from 2019 from Brownells , they were never known to be the cheapest. As I recall Federal had a mail in rebate at the time further lowering the price.
Sitting here waiting on my gunsmith to make/find a couple parts for my SXS shotgun.

I'll go on a bit of a rant here...

I mentioned...
some (most) just don't understand.
A lot of pointing at the politicians and they are rotten alright. The whole lot of them. The R's are less evil (weird) than the D's but still politicians in the end.

That said nobody here is mentioning the biggest issue of all. The mirror. Looking right into the mirror.
The American worker has cut thy nose to spite thy face.
We're on a shooting sight so let's use the word scope.
Nobody looks at the actual scope of things rather looking at it with a straw.
Straw being....
me, myself and I.
Those damned old cost of living raises that everyone wants yet fail to see how much it hurts their actual cost to live.
Before anyone gets in a tizzy I've a business here and nobody supports the US worker more than I. Tools...Snap-On (NOT Blue- Point) as that's SO's imported brand...
MAC but only genuine MAC. Again made in USA not their imported stuff (Expert)
SK...sadly owned by the Chinese now but...they're still made here by thousands of US workers which far exceeds eight people in the republic of sitting in a board room.
I even rid the shop of every electric power tool made by Makita and Milwaukee and replaced with DeWalt. Why? DeWalt doesn't make everything here but a good amount and we own them all. Grease guns, impacts, drills made in USA. We own them all.
(Milwaukee doesn't make one single cordless power tool in the U.S.)..NOT ONE!
They make a corded sawzall(only one model) and a magnetic drill press.
Makita? Fuhgetaboutit!

Back to cost of living raises....
When a worker hits year 3 or even 5 it's fairly safe to say they're at their pinnacle of production. Yet still getting raises in year 10, 15, 20 and so on.
So the big question that just seems to mystify the raise recipient...
Who pays for that?
It's not paid for by some wage fairy sprinkling money dust around. Some troll isn't shaking the money tree in the land of never never.
The end user. The consumer. That's who pays for that.
The problem is nothing is a 1:1 ratio. More like 500:1 ratio. Yes..500% vs 35-50%
Way out of whack, no?
1979 my father worked for Conrail and made 50k. That's a damn good living then! He purchased a new Ford 4x4 truck for around $7,500
Fast forward to present day. Purchasing a similar truck (difficult as they've equipment not available back then) but a regular cab 4x4 with no equipment would cost around $37,500.
A 500% increase!
The same job on the RR (Norfolk Southern) today might fetch $75k... maybe 85-90k if you rode a lot.
A 50% increase!

For all things to be equal that same RR job would have to pay $250k-$300k

Thus paying cash became a year financing..
2 years, then
36 mos then
48 mos then
60...whoa...5 years? Yep!
Now 84mos is the norm and some places are doing 120 months on Diesel trucks.
Nobody can afford an 80k truck unless you finance it a decade🙄🙄🙄

This isn't just on the laborers...

The top down.

But I also see a lot of finger pointing(again)at the owners of these manufacturing companies for heading overseas, South of the border, etc...
While taxes don't help...
the laborforce(unions) constantly demanding COL raises for doing the same production yielded...and honestly less production after a certain point.
You telling me the guy climbing the telephone pole at 58 years old is doing it faster than the 28 year old? NO WAY!
Oh but the grizzled vet makes significantly more and someone pays for that. The customer.
So the mfg owner moves the company to get cheaper labor. Why?
John took his ACME mfg company to China for cheap Joe who owns brand X mfg, a direct competitor to John, either follows same path or Brand X will be no more.

So we have a million years financing on stuff that turns to junk( autos), both husband and wife have to work just to make it,
Kids suffer terribly as they've got daycare and xbox raising them....
Money struggles contribute to failed marriages,
Total societal decay

Chasing the tail that never gets caught and keeps getting further away!!!

End of rant.

Work hard, do the right things and enjoy life. Be the best you can be.
It's all you can do!!
You may want to rename your post. Reloading use to be possible. 120.00$ for 1k primers

The only shop I'm aware of around here that has primers that can be purchased by the brick, has only large pistol available, and they are $100 per brick. I have lots of stuff but my natural frugalness and these prices almost makes me feel guilty for shooting. Regardless of what I paid for it at the time, every time I shoot I'm tossing high dollar components at paper.
Thats why I do not practice like I use to, when you don't know when you can resupply, powder is pretty easily found here for the most part, federal 210/215 primers are as common as honest democrats in this part of the country.