Remington 700 rebarreled


Nov 5, 2015
Posted sometime back asking which twist would you get if getting a 270 Winchester barrel. Some said stay with the standard 1-10 others said go fast 1-8. Well I compromised with 1-9. Took it to Douglas Barrels, about 2 hours from my house last Tuesday and it was finished Friday. Pleasantly surprised as usual turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Picked up this morning. 24 in stainless premium XX with bead blast finish. I like it. Waiting for some new mounts then will start working on loads. I'll let you know how it does when I get time to shoot it. Dan20230306_145115.jpg20230306_145106.jpg20230306_145037.jpg
Looks great Dan. I have seen where some guys have had success with 1 in 10 twists and the 165 gr ABLR so you should be able to do well with those in a 1 in 9 twist. In my old 270 with the same twist barrel it stabilized the 170 gr Berger so it may work for you too. Good luck going forward!
What bullet and load do you have planned?
My primary bullet weight in 270 has been 130gr. This past year used a 140gr. So I plan on developing loads for the 130,140,150 starting out then later on try some of the newer,sleeker bullets now available for the 270 caliber.
Wonderful! That was some great turnaround time. I look forward to seeing your results.
That's a nice stock Dan. This rifle is going to be an all weather do most anything anywhere up close or far away rig. You can't beat a 270 for that.
Excellent choice buddy.

Well, I've had a couple minor setbacks with this project. I took it back for them to lengthen the throat, still not quite as long as I wanted but doable. After talking to Travis who installed the barrel, he did recommend their break in procedure. So, I went to the range and started, shoot 1 clean, got 4 rounds fired and the ejector rod stuck in the bolt head. Not sure if a minute piece of brass binds it up or what, had cleaned bolt inside. It's at my gunsmith getting replaced. I do have some loads ready for a ladder test when back in operation. Dan.