Remington 700 rebarreled

You have some very good loads that are ready to hunt. Nice work Dan.

I have a 7mm stw Douglas barrel that needs to be replaced. I hope my project goes as well as yours did-keep up the good work!
So many options out there for you Firebird!
I would look at the MacLennan barrels, as mine will shoot 160 ABs into 1" groups @ 300 yards! Velocity also very good @ 3222 fps from a 24" barrel.
Nice job Dan! I think you have a winner there!
Maybe here's what's next up!!!
130 gr. Partition or AccuBond
H4831SC using Federal 215 magnum primers to work up a load.
Probably end up in the 58-60 gr. range where I bet you will find a great load for your rifle.
Good luck and keep us up to date on your success with it!
Thanks everyone. I had to remove a little wood for the bolt and bolt release lever to work properly plus just a little in the barrel channel. Also glassed the recoil lug area in the aluminum block because it was slightly oversized. No biggies. Accuracy seems as good no loss I can tell so far, anyway. Dan.