RIP Jerry Fisher

EOD Diver

Dec 30, 2011
Well guys, I returned to Germany after a couple of weeks INCONUS and am unsuccessfully attempting to shift gears back to Stuttgart time at 0100 with the assistance of some Ambien and a little concoction that my friends in the Alps affectionately refer to as "jagertee." I and was perusing the usual gun websites in an attempt to find sleep when I stumbled upon a post on the campfire referring to the passing of one of our gunmaking greats-the legendary Jerry Fisher. As always, my man Scotty was on point and one of the first to post his condolences. Although I've never held one of his functional works of art, nor visited with him at one of the hunting conventions, Mr. Fisher's influence on the gunmaking community was undeniable. Having turned the page on a gun rag or two, I always appreciated that Mr. Fisher was more than just a stockmaker and metalsmith, but was an inspired mentor to those learning the craft and a hunter who truly enjoyed his time afield. As we all continue to march lockstep through time together, I recognize that no day is promised and remain grateful for each sunrise that I see, but saddened that the chapter for the generation who unselfishly made this country what it is today will soon come to a close, as they continue down this path as well. My cup is raised to you in a hearty toast Mr. Fisher and may you rest in peace!


Dec 24, 2006
One of the eat things is one of Jerry's apprentices was Darcy Echols, so his style will live on.

If you have ever had the chance to handle one of Echols rifles, they are right there in the same vain as Fisher's rifles. He was an amazing rifle smith.