S&W Old School Pistols


Apr 27, 2014
Any 3rd Gen S&W fans around here? Without a doubt, the most reliable and dependable to feed any and everything, and probably frozen green beans, is my old 1991 4506. A big pistol but it's always handled everything I've thrown it's way. Back in the day of the infamous "Flying Ashtray" it feed those short 200 gr big mouth hollow points like the pistol had been engineered for it. H&G 200 gr SWC's? No problem. It gobbled those as well. I've had my fair share of 45's over the years but none the equal of this one. Needless to say it resides under my pillow stoked with, you guess it, old 200 gr Speer Flying Ashtrays. Why not? they worked from the beginning and since I still have a stash of them that's what's in the magazine.

Had a 4506 for a long time. It absolutely shot everything I fed it. Had a custom set of grips (Mexican silver with a Mexican flag) that were brought back from mexico by a friend. Sold it for a Colt .45 Commander.
That 200 gr JHP Speer did have quite a reputation! Is it still in production?

I don't have any S&W automatics, but those were good guns and I found them very comfortable in hand.

Carried a 9mm for a while... It was real nice.
Nope-The Speer bullet and loaded round has been out of production for quite a few years. The last I bought was in the late'90's IIRC. Corbon used that bullet in their ammo for a period of time as well and it was an awesome round at 1050 fps. You could get that same bullet in a lower Velocity practice round with the Blazer ammo. It's demise had something to do with the equipment Speer was using or had someone make and parts for that machinery was either hard to get or just old...can't remember for sure what the while story was.

The old "Flying Ashtray"!

I miss that round. Had a 1911 that fed those things without any problems. Sadly, in a fit of stupidity I sold it.

We've all been there. I had a German made Sig P220 that also fed them like it was made for them and either sold or traded it. One of the most accurate pistols I ever owned-just didn't like the trigger.
I'm a huge fan of the 3rd Gen S&W... regrettably sold them all in pursuit of "better". No such thing.

My favorite is a 5946. Full size, DAO 9mm.
I am still into S&W revolvers. I have three of them: Model 317, Model 331 and Model 60.
I only have one S&W revolver left, the M29 6" barrel. Regrettably I sold a Model 15-3 about a year or so ago. It was the most accurate revolver I've had.