Sad Duty

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Dad passed a couple of months ago. Heck of a man, WWII veteran, and is greatly missed by friends and family.

The "sad duty" I refer to is that I spent the last couple of days working with my sister to go through his hunting, fishing, and reloading gear & books and such... My goodness... He wanted me to have all of that.

"Sad" that everything I saw or handled reminded me that he's no longer with us. That of course hurts, but everyone in the family feels fortunate that we had him so long - I mean, I'm no spring chicken and Dad was 30 years older than me! He lived a good long life and died at his home, with family. Couldn't be much better.

Everything I saw or handled also brought back good memories of using that piece of gear with Dad, or seeing him use it... Fly rods & reels. Rifles, shotguns, handguns. The old RCBS press he bought new in the 1970's - it still looks almost new. Thousands of rounds of ammunition.

What I'd kind of forgotten about were all the things I'd given him over the years, decades... A small hunting knife from Norway. Books on hunting, fishing, military history etc.. A Ruger Single Six that he liked a lot. A 4wt trout rod that I had a friend of mine build for him. And apparently he'd kept most of the letters I'd written to him over the years from places like the Persian Gulf 30 years ago, or even just from here at home a few months ago. He liked letters & photos.

His gun collection had dwindled over the years as he sold off this or that. But... I still brought home a number of shotguns, rifles, handguns. I think I'll be keeping most of them. May sell one or two that I've no use for and my son's aren't interested in, but for the most part, they're family guns and will stay family guns.

I may start doing a "This old Gun" series. :) Each has a story. We've also handloaded for most of them.

Just musing here over my morning coffee. It was a good trip, only sad a bit here and there.

Regards, Guy
Sorry, Guy. That's a tough nut to crack, loosing a parent. Another of the greatest generation no longer with us , but certainly not forgotten. I was just thinking yesterday being the first day of fall always gives me this weird mix of nostalgia, excitement, and melancholy. Thinking back to hunting with Dad, uncles and brothers, and all, except for a brother, are no longer here, and that kind of takes a little away from the joy of the reminiscing. All that at the same time as being excited about the upcoming season.
Guy, I am sorry for your loss. Losing one's Dad is a tough pill to swallow. How great that you had all of those experiences with him. I know that going through your Dad's belongings is bitter-sweet. It brings back the good memories as well as refreshes the loss. Hopefully, you can keep those memories alive and share them with your family and friends. Dan
Sorry to hear of your loss Guy, but glad that you have some fond memories to reflect on as well. I'm sure we could use more men like him today. In my young adulthood, I look to the great men of yesterday for the encouragement I need to be a good man myself.
Guy I am sorry for the passing of your father. Sad is a thing going thru their belongings but nice to relive the memories that you'll have to pass on to your sons. I like your description of family guns. I have a couple that are just that and will be passed on someday. Dan.
Sorry for your loss Guy. I lost my mother 5yrs ago and bought my 460 WBY in her memory. Like a good mother the 460 will keep you in line also.

I may start doing a "This old Gun" series. :) Each has a story. We've also handloaded for most of them.
Looking forward to this , as you do such go work with UR videos.
So sorry to hear that your Dad passed away.
Reflect on all the good times you shared. It will put a smile on your face.
The This Old Gun series with be great and I look forward to seeing this.

Guy, very sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. May he rest in peace. Actually I taught my dad how to shoot and hunt and the days in the field are never forgotten.
Thanks guys. I knew you'd all understand.

My neighbor and I got Dad's gun safe into my house yesterday. Glad I have a strong neighbor! I'm getting used to glancing over and seeing that safe in my house. It was always 800 miles away. Wow... Changes.

A constant reminder that your Dad is with you and looking over you and your guns.

My condolences, Guy. Glad you have many of his special keepsakes.
I lost my father 10 years ago at the age of 93 and I think of him everyday.
Guy sorry for your loss. I have a very similar story. My dad passed away almost 2 years ago at the age of 92. He as well was a WW2 veteran passing away fittingly on Nov 11, 2020. He lived a good life up until about 2 months before his passing. He took his last deer at the age of 90 and his last bass 3 weeks before he passed. We should all wish for such a good life. I was fortunate to spend a lifetime with him fishing and hunting almost weekly. He was not a handloader but did watch me handload on several occasions and was amazed by what we do. Maybe he and Mr Miner are palling around together in a better place!
Guy- I am sorry to hear of your fathers passing. Your post says much about the man he was and the son he raised. Always enjoyed when you posted about your adventures together. As you know, I have shared similar experiences and feelings about my own father in the 9 years since he passed. (Unbelievable) Glad you and your family have those memories. Please share them when you feel appropriate. CL
Sorry to hear of your loss, Guy. Enjoy the things you have and the memories they have made and will make to come.

I am sorry for your loss but happy for your many, special, memories.
Bless you and your family.