Seemed like the right way to celebrate July 4


May 18, 2011
I took the morning to spend some time at the range....something I've been neglecting in my hunt prep.

My rifles for the day:


M70 Extreme Weather in 300WSM with a Leupold 2.5-10 VX7


pre64 M70 in 270 Win with a Cabela's Euro (Meopta Meopro) 3-9


Springfield Armory M1A

So, I put the rifles on the bench to verify zeroes have held. The 270 usually needs one to blow the dust out after it's sat for a while, and then the 2nd is on the mark. That's how it reacted today. First was off maybe 2-3" at 200 yards, 2nd was maybe 1/2" from POA, which I'm sure was the driver. That's a load using 150gr Ballistic Tips at 2900-2950.

The 300WSM shoots a 180PT at 2975. I've settled on this load for a bit now, and it's been not the most accurate, but pretty reliable. One shot, spot on at 200.

M1A needed some dope tweaks and was on the mark at 200 with 175gr LC Match ammo.

Then I took the 270 and ran (with cooling intervals) two 3-shot groups with the 150BT load, but with 150PT's subbed for the BT's. Same seater die setting, same charge, etc.


Group 1 = 3.3' @ 200 yards

Group 2 = 3.2" @ 200 yards

It's useable, but I think running some seat depth work with it will yield improvement. The BT load goes 1.25-1.35" at 200, for comparison. I could use the BT, but there's no arguing the 150PT would be a formidable elk bullet.

Then I sat down in the dirt, using my knees and sling, to shoot the 300WSM at 300 yards.

Went 2 for 3 on this steel at 300:


The one I missed was Shot 2, and I know I dipped my muzzle anticipating the shot.

Then I shot once at this cardboard deer cut out, which is on the small side even for a whitetail. One have to look close to see the un-patched 30-cal hole, but it's 1/3 of the way up (give or take), tight to the back edge of the foreleg. I'm pretty happy with the 300wsm.


I then made a pile of empty 308 Win brass with the M1A....


I was shooting at a 12" round steel plate at 200. I hit for about 35-40% offhand at that range. Not my usual level of precision, but I've been lazy about shooting. That'll be changing now.

The M1A is a fun sucker to shoot though.... here it is in action, a great start to my July 4:



Nov 8, 2006
Great way to spend the day, Tom. Great pictures. Yeah, the M1A is a beauty.


May 18, 2011
Darkhorse":258oacvw said:
On the 4th of July I expected you would shoot that new flintlock?

I was going to, but I hadn't shot that M1A in forever.

But I do need to go back and shoot the 36 schimmel. It needs some final tweaks to the load I'm shooting.