Should have gone


Dec 13, 2013
Buddy calls a few days ago, want to go hunt cats? Sorry can't go. Sends me this this morning IMG_2749.JPG
He is 6'03" for comparison.
Don't remember what I was doing.

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Cat hunting always looked like something that could quickly become addictive. Sorry you didn't make it. Glad your buddy connected. That is a good looking cat.
He's pretty effective at it; Bill yes, came off private land SW portion of your unit.

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+ 1.
Was lucky enough to get to eat some. They are delicious. Maybe my favorite game to date.

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Despite trying, so far I've come up with no success for cats... Sigh..

Had a friend at work go out to Wyoming and get a rather large Tom. Sounds and looks fun. I’ve also heard that they were good eating. I love running bear and coon with hounds and imagine chasing a cat would be just as fun. Some day maybe.

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I've eaten cat on a couple of occasions. Not that fussy about it, but I suspect that the cooks didn't understand cooking and made shoe leather rather than a fine roast. I mean to tag a lynx in the next year or two and give that a try, however.
Next time Don. He got a nice one, congratulations to him and good luck to you Dr Mike on the Lynx hunt. We hunted cats years ago ---- it is a much younger persons game, as they can be very physically demanding and exhausting hunts.