So - he wants to go again,..


May 26, 2018
Just read that Trump wants to do it again.

I can understand you leaning to the Republicans.
But do you think he is the right one?
What other options are there (read about the guy from Florida...).
Just relying on international press it might seem he (Trump) didn't help much at the mid-terms.
Being an ocean away, I would like to hear your thoughts.


Dec 13, 2013
We Americans can be pretty stupid when it comes to electing people. Trump lost the midterms in 2018, he lost the election in 20 and once again he lost the midterms. If we put him up again he’ll loose again. I believe we can do better, look at how close the elections were, pick any state except Oregon cause we’re really F up. The reason all those republicans lost who were expected to win were the un-decided and independent voters. They simply don’t buy trumps bs.


Apr 30, 2016
I like his policies and think he did good things for the country, and had us in a better standing on the world stage, but he is too polarizing to get much done in a closely divided congress. Everyone returns to their trenches and will automatically shut down any piece of legislation, just because. And when the next round of midterms comes around, people will elect a turnip to office if that's who their party nominated. I think the name calling of DeSantis, Pence and other decent people turns off a lot of voters. Like I said, he did good things, and I think he honestly wanted to heal the country. But this seems more like an ego driven vengeance run at the office. There are better candidates out there. But let him run, I think the nominee will be someone else who has a chance of getting things done.


Apr 29, 2015
I live in Florida and I can honestly say that DeSantis is the best Governor we have ever had bar none. Excellent head on his shoulders and is always one step ahead of the Naysayers and negative lefties. He thinks before talking which is something Trump did not do on many occasions. Trump did, however, do many things making us a very enviable country, the first thing coming to mind was energy independence. I, along with everyone else here remembers $1.80 gasoline.


Sep 25, 2022
I live in Florida and I can honestly say that DeSantis is the best Governor we have ever had bar none.

FWIW: Trump supported candidates had a 90 percent success rate during midterms. For what really happened check out Mark Levin for bottom line truth of things."no red wave should ever have been expected"...just media hype.


Mar 11, 2005
Trump is (currently) the most divisive entity in the Republican party. His candidacy will cripple the party. Let's face it, MANY die-hard Republicans no longer back Trump. If Trump runs as an Independant, he will siphon ALL of his votes from the Republican ticket. The Dems will retake the Whitehouse laughing at the stupidity of the opposing parties.

Trump had many good ideas and policies that were good for the country. But, his day has come and gone. If he really cares about defeating the Democrat/Progressives in 2024, he will put all of his influence and support behind the leading Republican candidate. Trump can still do the country a lot of good, but he can't do it by running in 2024. His announced candidacy only tells me that he is now about himself and not about the good & welfare of the party.
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Mar 11, 2005
BTW - I listened to Trump's speech from Mar Largo the other night, when he announced his candidacy. His words, thoughts and position on current events were 100% on target. The old Trump that many of us voted for was shining through. However, he's just not the face of the party anymore. There are so many investigations on-going and law suits pending that he will likely get indicted. His opposition will be totally energized by his intent to run again.

I wish Trump well and am thankful for the things he did and would have done if he had a second term. But it's time for all Conservatives and Republicans to band together for the sake of our country. Let's put egos aside and work as a team to take back America.


Mar 28, 2017
He is, to repeat what some big time conservative donor said a few days ago, “pointlessly divisive”. The Democrats are loving Donald Trump right now, he will hand them everything back in ‘24. I say a Nikki Haley/Tulsi Gabbard ticket is the way!