South Africa Hunt Booked. :)


Nov 5, 2015
Guy I'm sorry to read of your not being able to make the trip. Better to err on the side of caution. Hopefully it will improve for you. Till then as you have stated enjoy what's around you. Best wishes, Dan.


Mar 23, 2017
Sadly, another swing and a miss.

I've tried three times in recent years to get to Africa and hunt. It's never worked.

This time my old nemesis, health issues, prevented me from traveling.

I think I'm giving up, at this point in life, I can be content hunting and fishing in the northwest. Which isn't all bad.

I'll happily read of your African adventures, and wish that I'd gone earlier, when I was healthier. Doc said I was crazy to even try. He's a pretty smart guy and looking after my best interests.

Regrets, Guy
Boy does that really suck. You put a lot effort getting your rifles ready and just the excitement of an Africa hunt is a bummer. I hope this health issue is just a little speed bump and things will turn around for you.