Spent Vets Day at the range with my son....Perfect.


Apr 3, 2015
After manning the booth of my vet unit, Seabee Veterans of America Island X-16, at a Veterans Day celebration my 15tr old and I took our pistols to the local indoor and punched some paper.
A few months ago I had bought him his first center fire, An M&P 9 full size that I got a great deal on. Its quite accurate but has the worst trigger ever and soon will have an APEX kit installed. Its only had about a box and a half of range ammo through it so its still breaking in actually. I had bought a megapack(250 rds) of UMC 115 FMJ on sale and thought I got a great deal. Boy was I wrong!! it was garbage, dirty and not very accurate in any of our 9s. Soooo I let him fill up those high cap mags and get rid of it the proper way. 6 mags and 2 man targets at 7 yrds and we were don with that. He did pretty well with it for what it was, keeping most in the 8-10 and X. He wasn't really working his trigger control like I taught him but he enjoyed it.
I made him take a break and use the maglula to reload mags with better Winchester Whitebox(best range stuff I have found that won't break the bank at $50 for 200 rds) so he could work on accuracy and trigger control.
This allowed me to shoot for a bit. I had brought my too favorites. my Kimber Ultra II SS 9mm, and my Springer RO .45.
I started with the Kimber at 7yds and after 3 mags I had worn the 10 and X ring out pretty well, 24 shots that I could cover with the palm of my hand with 115 ball. This pistol has been awesome from day one. No function problems and it feeds and shoots anything from its little 3in bull barrel. I love it and its my preferred carry gun.
Next I pulled out my RO. I hung a new man target and ran it out to 15 yds. For those of you that don't know this is no frills on the outside match gun on the inside 5" 1911. Barrel, bushing trigger and sights are all match grade. It cam2 with the polymer holster and mag pouch in a hard case and I have no doubt that one could shoot a bullseye match right out of the box with it. I loaded 3 mags wit 230gr WWB ball. First round took the X and the next 4 filled in around it, pulled the last two into the 10 ring right. A nice little 3 inch group, man I love that pistol. 1 more mag and it was ragged in the middle. I was shooting well. I got frisky and ran it to 25 and decided to try the head. I put 5/7 in the roughly 6x8" silhouettes head with 2 missing slightly high.
We shot another box or so each and we were quite proud of the targets we had and went home with dirty guns and smiles on our faces. perfect end to a perfect day.
Any day spent at the range or in the field with your child(ren) is a good day. Congratulations.
Sounds like there was a lot of bonding going on there between father and son. Good shooting also.
I do a lot of Bullseye shooting and the 1911 pattern pistol is my favorite and own 5 in different calibers.
Truck there are 2 kinds of pistols in my mind...a 1911 and everything else. Though I own others and do enjoy a good wheel gun I will always favor a 1911. There are so many good ones out there too from affordable to OMG. I started my son on a little 6" rossi plinkster .22, a great buy at $312, superbly accurate with a suprisingly good trigger. He enjoys it but wanted a "big bore" soon after.