Springfield Armory XD


Jul 16, 2014
I am Looking for a 3" Sub-Compact 9mm XD.

Anyone have one or use? Thoughts? Satisfied?

Any offers?
I have a XD40 with the 4" and an XD40 sub-compact with the 3" barrel. Love them both and use them both a lot and they shoot very well and have always always been reliable! I love the way they feel, balance, point, the whole bit. Very happy with mine.

If you do get one, I have a site for a company that makes some really nice panels that stick on the grip area and give you a lot more to hang onto. When I say more, not size or contour, but the way you feel in your gripping of them and control. Really makes a nice difference and price is very reasonable.
Get a Kahr CM9 if you're serious about getting a carry pistol. I've shot them both, and I'll never get rid of my Kahr!
I have one, the Sub-Compact in 9mm. I recently added GT-5000 Grip Tape to it rather than the black athletic tape I had on previously.

Overall I really like it, and it is the only one of my pistols or revolvers I have carried concealed. I suspect it is the last one I would sell, as I like it that much. Well, my 629 Classic Hunter wouldn't go, but that's for hunting not concealed carry.

I would look hard at an XD-S model as well, as the width of the regular XD may be too much if you have average sized hands or smaller. I have large hands, so it's no problem for me, but may someday look at an XD-S for a thinner "print" than the usual XD size.
I don't own that model, but do own a full size 5.25 9mm in the XDM series. Love it!.

noticed you included "any offers" in your post, suggesting you may be looking to save some $? If so, take a look at the Taurus PT111 G2 ... they come with 2 - 12 rd mags and can be had right now for $200.... 3.2 inch bbl. I just bought one and am in the process of reviewing right now (on this site).

Again, I love the Springfield's and others ... .but the price blew me into trying a Taurus.
I have a pair of XD40s, and they are awesome pistols. NEVER had a malfunction after a couple thousand rounds, even handloads. When I did my concealed carry qualifications last time, the instructor was telling the class that the best shooting is generally done by those who bring an XD for quals. When they looked at my target, they asked "what are you shooting?" When I replied "an XD40," they just nodded their heads.

It's a great pistol.