Swedish Mauser M38 6.5x55


Aug 15, 2016
Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you all that I have a Swedish Mauser back in my arsenal.
This one is an M38, with a 24 inch barrel.
It’s been over 20 years since I had my M1896 long rifle, with a 29 inch barrel. I wanted to finally get one yet again.
It’s the same quality craftsmanship that I remember!
This one will be a lot more handy, because it’s shorter, and the length of barrel this one has allows for more maneuverability.
When I had my M96, I did some of my best shooting with it. I even took it out prairie dog hunting several times, and was able to hit several from 200 m out to 350 m.
I even took it along to go coyote hunting.
One time, I took it out to target practice with 2 friends. We had set up beer bottles filled with water, on a rock pile, and they were a good 250m away.
My buddy had first go at the bottles, and steadied his Ruger M77 Varmint rifle in .22-250, and blew away his 4 bottles with ease.
The other said it was his turn, and grabbed his Caldwell Led Sled out, found a good spot, which took a while. It always did with him, because he had to have the latest in rifle rests, and the fanciest scopes, and he would brag about his prowess with his fancy new rifle and how well he could outshoot everyone that was in the shooting party. And Fotis, it isn’t you, but if you think about it, you might remember who I’m talking about.
Well, he got everything the way he wanted it, and in the meantime, I pulled my M96 out, and loaded it quietly.
I’m telling you, this guy took forever to even start squeezing his fancy new rifles trigger. By the time his shots were going to go off, I had already rested my arms across my buddies red and white Chevy Trailblazers hood, and shot the exact bottles this guy was looking at in his brand new, latest fancy gadget scope!
When he looked up, he thought my buddy had shot his targets with his .22-250. NOPE! It was me with my old military M96, using open sights, destroying what he should have shot.
His mouth dropped, and I could swear it hit the ground. He got flustered, and finally started whining that I was shooting everything he was aiming at. So, we let him have 3 tries to hit 3 bottles, and he couldn’t even do that.
Then I chambered 3 rounds and summarily shot what he couldn’t hit.
I could see the embarrassment on his face, and my buddy gave him the ribbing of his life all the way back to Cheyenne.
Well, enough of my story telling. I have pics below of my new toy below.
I just know I will get as much enjoyment out of her that I did my M96. And this time, I’m keeping it for the rest of my lifetime.



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Congratulations. The 6.5 Swedish Mauser is a cool round.

JD338":135osb7g said:
Congratulations. The 6.5 Swedish Mauser is a cool round.

Thank you!
I fully agree with you about the 6.5x55! The top of my list for it being a cool round!
It shoots very flat, hits harder than it’s paper ballistics.
What’s not to like?
Plus, it can show the 6.5 CM a thing or two as well.


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Looks like some nice figure in that stock as well. Shoot on and enjoy.

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Electron":25t9zwl6 said:
Looks like some nice figure in that stock as well. Shoot on and enjoy.

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Thank you!

Yes, there is some tiger stripe in that walnut stock.

I do love a good Swedish Mauser!


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I found out some interesting things about the disc that is on the butt stock of every Swedish Mauser.
#1 - The shooter looks at the disc while tilting it to the left, so it’s not upside down.
#2 - The numbers on the the top of the disc are the caliber size of the bore: 6,51 - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
6,46 - 7, 8, 9, 0
#3 - Then in a sectioned off pie piece you see 1, 2, 3
#4 - On the bottom of the disc, there is Torped, Overslag, and STR. In this part, if there was a number 1 - 10, it would tell you that the rifle shoots over the amount of meters at 100 m.
So, for example, my rifle has a bore diameter of 6.460 mm. The triangle is stamped on the 0 at the end, and isn’t let’s say 6.461, or 6.463mm.
Then, there is a triangle on the 3, which means by the armorer , it is close to being switched out because of rust, and whatever else they found wrong. The Swedes were anal about bore condition.
Then, where it says Torped, that means it was sighted in with the then new M41 140gr Spitzer Boattail bullets. Since there isn’t a number in between the Overslag, and STR, it means it shoots dead on to the number of meters on the rear sight.
So there you have it, if you ever wondered.


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