tapped the trigger.


Dec 13, 2013
Been working on my lovely bride for quite a while trying to garner her support for an African adventure. As I loaded up for the Portland sportsman show she asked if the guy we talked to a couple years ago would be there. A check of exhibitors confirmed he would be. I like him, you better book the trip, she said.
Couldn't get it scheduled around other conflicts for this spring. Paid the deposit for a 10 day hunt next April, which coincides with the Kudu rut on the Eastern cape.
Plains Game on the menu.
It's definitely worth the price of admission to go. Now you have a year + to dream about it and wear those guns out in preparation. That 300 Jarrett can't go without proper head stamped brass so you might have to buy another rifle or build one to make sure your properly equipped. :lol:
That is just terrific, Don! Congratulations! I believe you are in for a great adventure. Man, I'm excited for you!
Very excited, been dreaming of this all my life, finally going to make it happen. The PH is a fan of the 30-06, 338 is way over gunned. He actually had a client run into trouble with a Jarrett because of the head stamp issue, so mine will stay home. I may buy a 300, might take the 06 that has served me well for nearly half a century. Kudu and Gemsbok, for sure, then we'll see. Don't know how I'm going to wait for a year. Sande's has not decided if she'll hunt or not, my guess is she will.
This is getting better, two of my brothers have committed the third is actively lobbying. Of my two brother-in-laws, one has committed and the Major will likely join us as well.
When I was 10 years old a neighbor returned from Africa with, among others, a monster of a gemsbok. Ever since a.gemsbok has been number one on my list. Can't wait.
This is just getting better all the time. A family affair! That has to be really special.
Kudu are pretty tough. I shot mine with a 375-358STA. All my brass was 375 H&H and I didn't have a caliber designation on the barrel so they didn't give me grief. They also weren't as crazy about it in 2000 as they appear to be now. I shot mine at 515yds and it went a little ways before giving up. My buddy shot his with my gun too. We took two main guns for 4 of us and we shot 15 animals so those two guns had a workout.

You've got to shoot a warthog too. They are almost ugly enough to be purdy. The place we went to showed us pictures of some Spaniard's who went to just shoot warthogs. They had a pile of over 30. I wish I would have shot one of the two giant waterbuck bulls we saw. I had never seen one before so I didn't know how big they were, they were huge and fighting 30-40yds from the road. I really wanted to shoot a baboon too but we didn't see any on the ranches we hunted on. We saw about 30 bail out of a mopani (sp?) tree driving to a ranch we were hunting. I kept thinking.....how cool would it be to have a 10ga with buck shot shooting them jumping out of the tree. They were jumping out of the top of the tree straight to the ground and the tree was over 30' high. It was quite a site.

You'll have a blast.
And adventure of a life time. Time for practice, practice, practice. Good luck.
Yeah, a warthog is on the list, a friend has a couple sitting on his bar, just the skulls. Not sure about zebra, have to think about that a little. The outfit has quite a selection from eland to duiker. I have a year to build my list, if Sande decides to hunt we're going to have the opportunity to take quite a sampling of what they offer. Kinda fun to have tough decisions like that.
The 30-06 is fine, but you'll want 180 grainers in a premium bullet.

I used a 9.3x62 for most of my game, and no shots were more than 200 yards. I'm headed back to Namibia next year.

African game is tough, but not armor coated. Most North American hunters tend to shoot too high as the vitals are often lower in the chest. I recommend you get a copy of "Perfect Shot" and study up!
Nice! Congratulations on your upcoming safari.

Don, if you need 300 Jarrett brass just call their office. They have Norma head stamped 300 Jarrett brass. If you have an accurate 30-06 Springfield take that, and if your ammo gets lost at least they'll have that available everywhere.

I suppose if you're shooting beyond 400 yards a 300 would be nice but not necessary if you have a proper scope setup. The 180 Nolser Partition is hard to beat for any distance on game in the '06, and they tend to shot very well in most guns. You might want to bring a few solids for insurance instances or for something like a Dik-dik, the 300 Jarrett would be overly powerful on these little guys.
The Jarrett is actually a 338. In any event the barrel was stamped 338 Winchester, so that just compounds the head stamp issue. They've offered to make it right but I just haven't gotten it fixed. If I could come up with 40 head stamped cases I would send it back, get it fixed and take it to Africa.
Regardless I'm very comfortable with the 06, she is wonderfully accurate with 180 partitions and I've hunted with it since I was 13 or 14. Nearly 50 years of loyal service she has earned the trip.
You and your wife will have a great time. Best of luck to you both

this will come as no surprise to those here who know me, but if you dont already have one this would be a great time to get a 300 H & H. It will serve you well on your plains game hunt, regardless of the game you choose to hunt.

The 300 H & H works well in Africa with 200 gr A-Frames, 200 gr Northforks, 220 gr Woodleighs, 200 ge norma Oryx, and Nosler has several good options available, that will work.

Peanut butter and Jelly
Beer and Pretzels
Scotty and Model 70's
Africa and 300 H & H

some things just seem to go together


ops, I forgot---your faithful old friend the 30-06 does indeed deserve to accompany you to Africa and she will also serve you well---but you are allowed to take two rifles (-;
Congrats on the hunt Don. Sounds like an excellent trip in the making buddy.

You have a bunch of good options it seems. Seems like you have a great 30-06, but don't let that stop you from buying something else! :grin:

A did mention a 300 H&H.. Pretty classic rifle for Africa. Can't wait to hear about how the hunt develops over the next year or so. Scotty